Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip: Secretly Separated?!

Looks like we’ve got a new contender for the title of Most Tumultuous Couple in Buckingham Palace!

Sure, William might have cheated on Kate, and the British tabloid press has been relentless in its pursuit of dirt on Harry and Meghan — but those whippersnappers have nothing on the OGs of royal drama.

We’re talking, of course, about Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip.

Sure, at first glance, Phil and Liz might seem like a typical pair of centenarian monarchs, but just below the surface, their relationship is wild enough to sustain a Netflix drama that’s soon to enter its third season.

Philip recently turned 98, but he’s still out there totaling Land Rovers and generally living it up like he did in the days when his actions elicited stern grumblings from the likes of Winston Churchill.

And apparently QE2 finds the whole routine to be rather exhausting:

According to a hilarious Daily Express report that’s about as easy to swallow as British cuisine, Elizabeth and Philip are “leading separate lives” and don’t see each other “for weeks.”

Sources tell the newspaper that there’s no bad blood between the monarchs — they’ve simply settled into a “new rhythm” in the years since his retirement from public life.

Majesty Magazine editor and royal expert Joy Littel has attempted to clarify the situation thusly:

“As reasonably well-documented, the Duke divides his time between Wood Farm on the Sandringham Estate and Windsor Castle, more Norfolk than Berkshire because things are more relaxed there.

“Consequently he is away from the Queen for weeks sometimes, but they speak every day on the phone.”

Sure sounds like a separation to us!

Royal sources are unintentionally adding more grist to the rumor mill by explaining that the decision to live in separate homes was mutual and amicable”

“The Queen feels the Duke has earned a proper retirement,” says one insider.

“She knows him too well, if he was still at the centre of royal life he’d feel he had to be involved,” the source continues.

“Being at Wood Farm means that he’s not too far away, but far enough to be able to relax.”

Man, do the perks of royalty ever end?

Imagine some peasant casually explaining that they find life more relaxing without their spouse and the whole world being like, “Jolly good!” and then turning their attention back to buttering a crumpet, or whatever.

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