Sexyy Red Sets Record Straight After Receiving Backlash for Visiting a High School

After a clip of her visiting children in a high school generated negative buzz towards her, the ‘Pound Town’ raptress stresses that she was there to do a good deed.

AceShowbizSexyy Red was not letting her good deed at a high school get buried under online backlash. After a clip of her performing for school-aged children generated negative buzz towards her, the “Pound Town” raptress set the record straight on her appearance.

The 25-year-old hip-hop artist tweeted her clarification on Sunday, July 16. She wrote, “Y’all do know I went there to give the boys money for they haircuts and girls bundles for prom week.” On the reason why, she explained, “Cause I remember when I needed help with my prom stuff.”

One day before offering the clarification, Sexyy shared a video of her visiting a high school. In the clip posted on Twitter on Saturday, July 15, she could be seen making her way into the school’s gymnasium that was packed with students cheering on her. At the time, one of her songs was played in the background. Along with the footage, she tweeted, “What school should I go to next it’s been a minute!”

Sexyy Red clarified that she visited the high school to help the students with their prom preparation.

Sexyy’s high school visit led to various complaints on Twitter. One grumbled in the replies section of her tweet, “How disgusting is this? She’s at a high school and getting this type of reception with that disgusting song. Bw are done. For recreational purposes only. And even that is risky.”

Another offered a similar complaint, “Why are you performing your degenerate content to other peoples kids. You should be banned from schools like they banned history books.” A third protested, “Sweetheart came in giving the kids the middle finger , then she banged on them..[a slew of smiling face with tears of joy emojis]. The principal of this school looking for a new job right now.”

Sexyy’s defense of her high school visit came a few weeks after she walked offstage at Lyrical Lemonade’s 2023 Summer Smash festival. On June 24, she briefly paused her performance after concertgoers threw random objects at her. At one point, she told concertgoers, “I’m done, I’m done, I’m done. Thanks for having me, but I’m done.” She then gave her mic to stage crew and stated, “They are throwing s**t.”

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