I lost 50 lbs in 3 months – my secret to success, food is fuel and I'm not trying to starve myself | The Sun

A FITNESS influencer has shared how she managed to lose 50 pounds in just three months.

She said her secret was not starving herself and treating food as fuel.

Tyra (@tightbootytyra) shared the video with her TikTok followers.

She responded to a comment from one of her viewers: "How did you do it? 50 lbs in 3 months? Please reply," they requested.

"My theory is it takes us so long to lose weight because of all the cravings we can't tell ourselves no to," she said.

She said that people always pretend the secret to weight loss is a certain magical exercise regimen, a diet, or a fad to follow.

"The truth is, you really got to sacrifice boo," she revealed.

"In all my attempts to lose weight, I've always decided I'm not going to be hungry when I lose weight because obviously, I'm not trying to starve myself," she said.

"Just know there are going to be plenty of times where you have to choose between drinking a whole bottle of water over eating because you just ate not too long ago," she added.

She also explained that there's science behind weight loss and the key to it is a calorie deficit.

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"Don't cheat yourself, don't play with yourselves, calorie deficit… maybe one to two meals a day," she said.

"I had to limit the amount of calories I ate, I had to disassociate my relationship with food, you are here for nutrition and energy purposes and not for pleasure," she said.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

"I needed to hear this," said one commenter.

"For me, it was def sneaking vegetables in that I love to help me get full on less calories and making lean protein, like chicken breast," said another.

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