Sylvester Stallone Says Poirier Has 'Big Time Advantage' Over Conor McGregor In Trilogy Fight

Sylvester Stallone says Conor McGregor vs. Dustin Poirier III is gonna be one helluva fight … but says Conor will be at a MAJOR disadvantage when he steps back into the octagon.

“Poirier has the big-time advantage,” Sly told us outside of Giuseppe Franco Hair Salon in Bev Hills.

So, why does Stallone feel that way?

“You got a really hungry, young guy (Poirier) and then you got a guy who’s made a lot of money but he’s also sorta hungry (McGregor).”

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The two UFC stars are set to fight for the third time at UFC 264 on July 10.

Conor famously KO’d Dustin in the 1st round of their 1st fight back in 2014.

Dustin won the rematch with a 2nd round TKO at UFC 257 in January 2021.

Stallone says both guys are killers — and have demonstrated the ability to end the fight quickly and violently … which is why he won’t make a definitive fight prediction.

“That one I swear you really flip a coin on. It’s like who hits first.”

Stallone isn’t just a huge UFC fan — he also got a small ownership stake of the company back in 2016.

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