Jordan Banjo reveals Masked Dancer disguise was a relief after death threats

HE may have been the first act to slither out of The Masked Dancer, but Jordan Banjo is still grateful for the experience after suffering a nightmare few months.

He was unveiled as Viper on Saturday night’s show and said performing in the disguise was a relief after being targeted with death threats.

His frightening personal ordeal came as part of the backlash against Diversity's Black Lives Matter performance on Britain’s Got Talent last September.

Jordan said: “I can go on any show now and you always get idiots going, ‘I’m not watching that, Banjo’s a racist’ and all this nonsense. So it was nice to be on there and not wait for comments to come in.

“It has been a crazy year. If you can have a good time, why not? If you go out first, it is what it is. I was just happy to have a bit of fun.”

While he may have enjoyed the performances, Jordan admitted that dancing in Viper’s bulky mask was a challenge.

He said: “I won’t lie, it is horrible to dance in. It threw everything off. I’ve got asthma, so when I was dancing in that mask, I’m breathing but not getting any air.

“You can wear it for ten seconds, take it off and you are sweating.”

Jordan broke the strict code of silence over his involvement in the show to get support from his brother Ashley, while his fiancée Naomi Courts rumbled him due to his own carelessness.

He said: “One day I turned up with a hoodie at home that said, ‘Don’t speak to me’ and a visor.

“And she was like, ‘What is all that?’ My big bro knew because there’s not many things I do without getting his advice.

"He convinced me to do it really.”

But Jordan is in the dark as to who the other Masked Dancers might be, saying: “I was trying to sneakily look into dressing rooms but it’s airtight.”

Fangs for the insight, Jordan.

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