Will Smith Doesn't Watch "Red Table Talk" Because It's Too Much Information

No, I don’t want to know what’s going on in that pic.

Will Smith appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and spoke with Jimmy Kimmel all about Aladdin where he plays a demonic blue ghost The Genie. Since this is a celebrity interview promoting a film of course there was some casual banter about his family. Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, is basically the new Oprah Winfrey with her Red Table Talk show which gets to the root of many, many topics, so Jimmy asked about it. And Will let it be known that he can’t watch it. Yeah, Will FINALLY believes in TMI.

“No I don’t watch it anymore,” Will replied when Jimmy asked if he tunes in for the tea-spilling Red Table. And why does he not watch it? One reason:

“They tellin’ all our business!”

Like Will doesn’t love Jada telling all of us how perfect their marriage is even though they’ve been through everything. Okay, but Will still promoted his wife’s show:

“It’s the three generations… It’s called Red Table Talk, it’s on Facebook–it’s actually fantastic, uh, the episodes I could bear. And they sit down and it’s really wide open, raw conversation across the generations… about a cornucopia of topics.”

Jimmy hit him with the puns, saying it’s a: “Pornucopia” of topics, of course referencing the most recent Red Table Talk in which Jada admitted to her once “unhealthy relationship” with porn. Jimmy then asked who was worse to hear talking about porn addiction: His daughter, Willow Smith, his wife, or his mother-in-law, Adrienne Banfield-Jones. And Will replied with an uproarious laugh:

“It’s all bad.”

This is news to me. I thought Will and Jada both fell to Earth from the same over-sharing tree. Aren’t they always talking about their marriage? Like always? Like for years now? But I guess with a weekly talk on Facebook it’s just too much? Well, get ready Will, because I only see this getting bigger. Soon Jada is going to be the new Gwyneth Paltrow. She’ll be promoting expensive dildos and healing vaginal eggs in no time through her new website: Joodoo. And because this is the Smith Family and that’s a whole different brand than Goop, Jada will also offer rides to the Seventh Dimension with her son Jaden Smith, who will also have a weekly newsletter aimed at 13-year-olds all about how they’re now the age to live alone and emancipate themselves. It’s a whole different kind of “aspirational”.

And here’s Will with his family (sans Jaden) at last night’s Hollywood premiere of Aladdin.

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