10 Successful Influencer Makeup Collabs

As YouTube beauty influencers have taken up an increasingly large share of the online traffic, cosmetics companies have definitely noticed. The appeal of a product curated by your favorite online personality with quality guaranteed by your favorite beauty brand is a match made in heaven, right?

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While some of these collaborations don’t receive rave reviews, others go off without a hitch, becoming beloved beauty products as a result of their originality and  unique concept. Take a look at 10 influencer collaborations that turned into critical and financial success!

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10 Manny MUA & Makeup Geek

You might know the vibrant Manny MUA for his own cosmetics company Lunar Beauty, but back in 2016 he was busy collaborating with other brands! He released his Makeup Geek palette that year, and it was harbinger of what was to come from his own company.

The 9 pan palette had shades named after gods and goddesses as well as dramatic, evocative words like Insomnia, and Cosmopolitan. Though the collab is no longer in stock, the palette reportedly sold out extremely quickly the first go-around!

9 Jenn Im & Colourpop

When vlogger Jenn Im released her collaboration with Colourpop, fans were absolutely shook by the awesome quality and the affordable price point! The beautiful neutral shadow palette was just $20, and there were also a line of  lippies to match. The line was even a playful French pun on Im’s name–“Jenn Ne Sais Quoi.”

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Unfortunately, the items were only limited time and Colourpop no longer produces the collab, but it seemed to be one of the more sought-after offerings of 2016!

8 NikkieTutorials & OFRA

NikkieTutorials is one of the most beloved beauty gurus on the ‘Net, so it’s no wonder that cosmetics companies wanted her to the be the face of their brand!

In 2017, Nikkie released her collection with OFRA, which included three liquid lipsticks and a highlighter called Everglow. The highlighter is versatile in the fact that it includes three different shades in one wheel! The products are still in stock to this day, along with some of OFRA’s other collabs, a testament to how much they are loved by fans!

7 Jeffree Star & Morphe

Jeffree Star rocks the makeup game with his own cosmetics company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, but he is not afraid to partner with other brands to give his fans the Jeffree Star experience on the cheap!

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Morphe shadows have been a staple for the last couple of years, and Jeffree frequently shows up when the brand opens new mall stores. It’s no surprise then, that Star released a two part collab with Morphe, including two different brush sets, a strawberry hued palette, and a setting spray. Hi, how are ya?

6 Bretman Rock & Colourpop

Taking inspiration from his home country, Bretman Rock crafted this collab with Colourpop in late 2018, even helping the brand create an entirely new product for the launch.

The collection is based on the flag colors of the Philippines, and includes two distinct segments entitled “Lit” and “Wet” that focus on warm and cool colors respectively. The project also introduced Glitterally Obsessed body glitters in two colors! It is still available on their website if you’re looking to find your inner sparkle.

5 Carli Bybel & BH Cosmetics

Carli Bybel is one of the most famous beauty gurus, and she was also one of the first in recent memory to launch a prominent collab with a company!

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Bybel loved BH Cosmetics before she created a palette with them, so the project was definitely close to her heart. The palette was released in 2015 and contained a number of neutral shades and highlighters, with all the shades curated by Bybel herself. It is no longer available on BH’s website, but was a mainstay and a favorite for several years.

4 Fumi Désalu-Vold & Juvia’s Place

Fumi Désalu-Vold is a unique influencer in the fact she started her career at a later age than usual. The 40-year-old stylish wife and mother lives in Moscow and runs a YouTube channel complete with unboxings, lifestyle videos, makeup tutorials, and even celebrity red carpet reviews.

Prominent black owned brand Juvia’s Place announced their collaboration collection with Désalu-Vold in July 2019, consisting of a 6 pan palette of stunning colors and 2 lip glosses. Though the Queen Collection is limited edition, you can still pick it up while it is online now!

3 Grav3YardGirl & Tarte

Bunny Meyer may be known to the Youtube world as Grav3YardGirl, but to makeup enthusiasts she’s definitely the Swamp Queen! Tarte released this beloved palette in collaboration with Meyer in 2016, and it received rave reviews and a number of restocks.

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The seasoned makeup gurus and customers alike agreed that the quality and color scheme were balanced and top notch quality. Meyer was so excited with Tati Westbrook and Jeffree Star’s reviews that she left some love in the YouTube comment section!

2 Patrick Starrr & M.A.C. Cosmetics

Patrick Starrr is one of the most influential and inspiring beauty gurus of our day. He first got his start working at a M.A.C. counter in 2012, and the relationship between the two was definitely meant to be as he progressed in his YouTube career!

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As part of a one year deal, Starrr and M.A.C. announced that five different collaboration collections would be released, the first revealed in 2017. The collections ultimately included lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, setting powder, and eye pencils!

1 Jackie Aina & Anastasia Beverly Hills

Released a couple of weeks ago, Anastasia Beverly Hills took their eyeshadow expertise and let beauty guru Jackie Aina work her magic to create a beautiful palette with a unique color story!

The limited edition item is packed with a rainbow of mattes and metallics, and the colors look perfect on every skin type. Though makeup for people of color is sometimes limited, Aina’s effort with ABH is important in bringing visibility and inclusivity to the beauty community, and that’s definitely a win!

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