Beauty fan reveals how to get foundation-caked make-up sponges looking good as new

MAKE-UP sponges make blending foundation so much easier – but cleaning them can be a laborious task.

Fortunately, one savvy woman has come up with an seamless way to remove old caked-on product and get them looking like new again.

In a post on TikTok, the beauty fan, called Leanne, demonstrated the simple process at her kitchen sink after collecting up a pile of used sponges.

First, she threw them into a bowl where she sprinkled on some Vanish powder and covered everything with hot water from the kettle.

This created a soapy solution, which she gently worked into the sponges using a spoon.

Next, she tipped them from the bowl and into a sieve in the sink, so that the water could drain away.

That's insane! I will definitely give this a try

Finally, Leanne rinsed each sponge under the tap – ensuring no soapy product, which could irritate the skin, remained – before squeezing them out and leaving them to air dry.

Her video, which has been viewed more than 25.6 million times, was popular with social media users, who left more than 1.3 million 'likes'.

One person wrote: "Sooooooooo satisfying!"

Another joked: "Is that hot chocolate with marshmallows?"


A third shared: "That's insane! I will definitely give this a try."

And a fourth added: "How many do you have!"

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