Beauty fans race to Aldi for new dupes, including a L'Occitane moisturiser copy that's £40 cheaper & 'Tom Ford' candles | The Sun

THEY'VE done it again.

Just as beauty fans were getting over Aldi's last range of dupes, they've dropped loads more – and they look as though they might be the best yet.

This time around, there are dupes of L'Occitane's beloved almond range, and versions of Tom Ford candles.

A video showing the new dupes was shared on TikTok by the Ashleigh Money Saver page.

"Guys, run to Aldi because it's new Beauty Dupes day and it is a good one," she began.

"We've got L'Occitane dupes of the almond shower range.

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"This is the shower oil – £4.99 instead of the L'Occitane version for £20.

"We've also got the body scrub – £4.99 in Aldi and £21.50 if you got the L'Occitane one."

And perhaps the most impressive dupe is their version of the almond milk concentrate, which costs £44 in L'Occitane but £4.99 at Aldi.

There's also a whole load of Tom Ford candle dupes, which are selling for £3.99 in Aldi instead of a staggering £105.

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"There are three different options available and they all smell incredible," she continued.

"This crushed peach is a dupe of the bitter peach, and if you wanted to match them, they've also got diffusers for £3.99 as well."

And beauty fans were quick to admit they were desperate to head down to their local Aldi on the hunt for the new dupes.

"Omg I love the L'Occitane almond oil, I was gifted it and couldn’t myself justify paying that price for it," one wrote.

"Aldi I love you!"

"Oooh almond, been miffed since Body Shop discontinued theirs," another commented.

"I will definitely try the almond shower oil," a third said.

"As I actually use the L'Occitane one."

"I’m going to Aldi now, let’s see what I can find," someone else revealed.

But others weren't quite as impressed, with many admitting they can never find the dupes in their local Aldi stores.

"These are ploys to get you into @Aldi UK," one insisted.

"Clever ploys as never find these items and I have 4 in close proximity."

"No way the L'Occitane will come close to the real thing, be gobsmacked if it does," another said.

"The ingredients are very low grade though," a third warned.

As someone else said: "£105 for a candle?!?!? Who has this money? Aldi all the way."

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