Danny Ciprianis wife heartbroken over cosy pics of him with Strictlys Jowita Pryzstal

Danny Cipriani's wife is said to be feeling 'stabbed in the heart' after seeing cosy snaps of him with Strictly's Jowita Przystal.

Victoria Rose is reportedly heartbroken after spotting pictures of her estranged husband getting close to his Strictly dance partner Jowita Przystal, just weeks after their surprising marriage split.

The former England rugby player, 36, has joined the BBC One show's Christmas special line-up, where he's been paired with Jowita, 29. The pair seem to be hitting it off as photos show her grinning while chatting to Danny.

Danny's appearance on the show comes shortly after he announced his separation from his wife. He shared the news on Instagram on November 13, saying: "Victoria and I sat together this weekend and agreed to separate after 4 years of marriage."

He continued: "While we've had some wonderful times together, we've also recognised we're on different journeys and while this is sad news, it's also a new chapter for us both to pursue our own happiness. I only wish the best for Victoria and her children."

Just days after the announcement, Danny has signed up for the BBC One dance show and has already met his dance partner Jowita. The former rugby star, 36, was seen looking cosy and proudly posing next to his new dance partner after the pair finished a day of intense training ahead of starring in the upcoming Strictly Christmas Special.

After the cosy photos emerged, Danny's estranged wife has reportedly spoken out. Her close friends told The Sun: "It was like she was knifed in the heart."

The insider said: "Victoria was gutted to see the pictures of Danny and Jowita. It's only been nine days since Danny announced on Instagram they had split – which Victoria had no idea about. That was distressing enough for her. But to see her husband so close with another woman is absolutely heartbreaking for her."

Danny, a well-known face in the celeb world, recently opened up about his split from Victoria. He clarified in a statement: "After stories being brought to my attention, I'd like to clarify, I have broken up with Victoria for the only reason being we are not right for each other," he shared in a detailed message.

He also revealed that he's currently staying with the "most beautiful couple", Grayson and Isa, expressing his "genuine love and connection." for them. "I am forever grateful," he added, reminding us all that "In challenging times, good friends are a blessing."

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