Doctor reveals why your wee might be smelly – and when you need to get professional help

A DOCTOR has revealed why your wee might be smelly and when you need to go and get professional help. 

Dr Omon Imohi, an NHS GP, shared a video to her 30.4k TikTok followers informing them of why they may have a strong odour in their bodily fluids. 

In the video, she subtitles the reasons for why your wee could smell. 

She writes: “You are dehydrated, you ate something with a strong smell. Certain foods can cause this.

"You might have diabetes or pre-diabetes, you have a urinary tract infection (UTI), you have an STI, you use douche products, you have kidney stones.

"You use a catheter, you have a yeast infection, you’re pregnant hormones produced during pregnancy can cause it, you are ovulating – hormones cause this.

“Seek medical advice if your urine smells abnormal.”

Some viewers found the video helpful, and rushed to comment to give their thanks. 

Dr Omon also commented back saying asparagus also doesn’t help with the smell of urine. 

She wrote: “Very common culprit. Infact so distinct its call (sic) asparagus urine.” 

Reasons why your wee might be smelly

  • Certain types of food and drink, like asparagus or coffee
  • not drinking enough fluids
  • some medicines
  • vitamin B6 supplements
    *Source NHS

In another video, she encourages her viewers to say “yes” to the vaccine and to continue to take “precautions until you are fully vaccinated.”

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