Dog owners issued urgent warning over popular festive treat and it could be fatal for your pet | The Sun

DOG owners have been issued an urgent warning over a feeding their pooches a common festive snack.

Amanda Whyte, 48 from High Wycombe, found her Labrador, Lola, after she gobbled up a plate of mice pies, which are highly toxic to dogs.

The snacks were left out by her kids, who brought them home from school to celebrate the start of the festive season.

But by the time Amanda realised the grub had been left out, it was already too late and there was nothing but crumbs left.

She said: "Christmas is expensive enough as it is.

"So getting a vet bill over £500 was not the gift I asked for. Thank goodness I had insurance."



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But since Amanda has more than just one dog, she didn't want to take any chances so took them both to vet.

It turned out it was only Lola who ate the mice pies, but Amanda still had to pay for both the dogs to be checked.

She explained: "What makes our story so calamitous is that we took both dogs to the vets when it was only the lab who ate them.

"Which cost us double whammy on an already stressful day."

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Amanda ended up paying £150 of her own money on the vet bill and her insurance covered £397, plus £50 in excess.

"I'm very responsible but these things happen, especially with a greedy Lab who is always eating random stuff," the mum said.

It's not just mice pies dog owners should be careful about leaving in reach over the festive period though.

The pros at MoneySuperMarket also listed some other toxic things to keep well out of sight and reach.


"Chocolate, whether under the tree or left out for guests, is incredibly toxic to dogs and by far the most common reason dog owners had to rush to the vet (30 per cent), costing an estimated £2504 to treat.

"In severe cases, chocolate consumption can cause seizures and heart failure."

Port and Stilton 

'Port and Stilton should be off the menu for our four legged friends.

"Dogs consuming alcohol (12 per cent), which they cannot metabolise, and eating cheese (16 per cent), which can cause serious vomiting and diarrhoea, were among the most common vet visits, costing between £200 and £250 to treat."

Turkey bones

"Among the most expensive treatments dogs frequently need at Christmas is foreign body surgery after swallowing hidden turkey bones, which can cost upwards of £1,000 and was the cause of 14 per cent of vet bills."

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