I'm a plumber – I have answer to 'apprentice problem' but older guys won't want to hear it | The Sun

A PLUMBER has offered a solution to one of the biggest problems that trade firms face with young apprentices.

Fraser Hoehle is well known for his outspoken views on TikTok and recently made a video response to a comment that generated a lot of discussion.

The hot topic surrounded the use of mobile phones and how they’d caused a decline in productivity.

The business owner, from Falkirk, thought people need to accept that times are changing and embrace technology.

He said: “Apprentices on phones. They’ve been a problem now and as far back as I was an apprentice 11 years ago.

“How do you combat it? This is my answer.

“There is literally thousands of young lads taking apprenticeships and they are glued to their phones 

“Ask them to showcase the business, document their work because they’re so obsessed with social media, seeing videos, funny stuff, they could actually start creating stuff for your business.

“I get that’s not a traditional apprenticeship but times are changing and so must the industry and so must we to adapt to what’s coming in the future.”

He added: “Now everything is found online. People are finding plumbers online. All my works comes from being found online pretty much.

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“So if you have a young guy documenting his journey through your business, your business is then getting a profile online, the young guy is watching the video and creating stuff then he’s maybe going to enjoy the work a little bit more.

“On top of that there is thousands upon thousands of young guys across the industry and people watching that who get to follow this guy’s journey and how he’s learning, the mistakes he’s making and maybe some tips and tricks.

“That allows him to be on his phone, creating content.

“An apprenticeship is tough. It’s no fun standing watching so if you throw him in the mix, have him videoing it, pushing their profile. 

“I get the older guys might not understand this.”

However, not everybody in the comments agreed with his method.

One person said: “Keep the phone in the van that what I did with my lads, you can have it at break time and dinner.”

A follower wrote: “If he’s doing the work he shouldn't have time to be on his phone all day,  if he's not working then get rid, simple.”

While another added: “Take the phone off them and boot it half way down the road and tell them they will get it back when then apprenticeship is complete.”

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