Gardening tips 2022 live – $1.25 Dollar Tree product will keep your plants healthy in summer heat, and it's easy to use

A SIMPLE $1.25 Dollar Tree purchase can help you out this summer, as it is now time to tend to your garden.

If you're hoping to grow colorful flowers in oversized planters this season, one TikTok user shared an easy way to achieve this.

Jamie, who goes by @mama.jmarie on TikTok, recommends purchasing a foam noodle at the Dollar Tree and cutting it up to take up extra space in large pots.

“For those large flower pots, use pool noodles to take up extra space,” she said, while cutting up chunks of a foam noodle and placing them at the bottom of the pot.

She also said the method provides drainage for your plants.

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  • Jennifer Korn

    $4 weed killer

    According to the experts, the secret to a weed-free garden and lawn is lime, and no, it's not the kind you eat.

    Lime used in gardens is made from crushed-up limestone, rock, or dolomite, and when applied to soil, it raises the pH level, making the soil less acidic.

    Lime also contains magnesium and calcium, which are vital for a healthy garden.

    It's actually the lack of calcium in soil that provides the condition for weeds to thrive in.

  • Jennifer Korn

    Flattening a bumpy lawn, conclusion

    Fill the uneven patches using a hard-bristled brush to create a level surface, and water them well to encourage new grass to grow.

    Finally, sow some fresh grass seeds on any areas that are bare and need re-covering.

    Make sure to distribute more on scarce patches or on lumps that have born torn up.

    Always lay grass seeds on a mild, spring day and make sure to water them well once the seeds have been sown.

  • Jennifer Korn

    How to flatten a bumpy lawn, continued

    Make sure to water the areas well to encourage new grass to grow to create a seamless finish.

    For larger lumps and bumps, you'll need a few extra tools.

    Start by mowing the lawn and then use a rake to uplift thatch (clumps of dead grass) and other organic matter.

    Once you've removed uneven patches, top-dress them with sand and soil using a 40:60 ratio.

  • Jennifer Korn

    How to flatten out a bumpy lawn

    Flattening out bumpy ground can be done at any time of the year, but the gardening experts at The Daily Express reported it is best to get started in spring.

    Start with smaller bumps (less than one inch) and simply use your foot to press them firmly down.

    If you have holes made by animals, fill them with topsoil, compressing the earth with your foot to create a solid surface.

  • Jennifer Korn

    Organize with a storage shed

    Installing some form of storage, such as a shed, is essential in keeping your garden clean and tidy and it's the first step to achieving a stylish look.

    If you already have a shed, don't forget to give it a fresh coat of paint by choosing a color that will match the rest of your garden furniture.

  • Jennifer Korn

    How to use sugar on lawn

    Expert Jordan Page said you don't have to be precise and use a spreader, but instead, she recommended using an old juice container with a wide mouth to shake out the sugar.

    She advised that you can't use "too much" sugar, but typically you will want to use a 5-pound bag for every one thousand feet of lawn.

    Page also recommended applying sugar several times during your first year of the process to help make up for years of chemical damage.

    After applying the sugar, she said to simply wet down your lawn.

  • Jennifer Korn

    Save hundreds by using sugar

    Expert Jordan Page — the “Fun Cheap or Free Queen” — revealed how she uses sugar to keep her lawn greener than ever.

    Rather than spend somewhere around $300-$500 on weeding and fertilizers, you can use white table sugar to solve many of your lawn’s problems.

    Typically costing around $4, sugar is both super cheap and super easy to apply to your lawn.

    Other than making your grass extra green, she said sugar is also beneficial for the environment.

  • Jennifer Korn

    Replace fertilizer with sugar

    Sugar helps feed the beneficial microbes, insects, and worms within the grass, which would usually be killed by fertilizer.

    These microbes and insects help to improve the soil structure, increase photosynthesis, and provide resistance to extreme climates.

  • Jennifer Korn

    How pool noodles can help your garden

    A garden pro named Jamie, who goes by @mama.jmarie on TikTok, loves the look of oversized planters.

    These giant pots, however, are sometimes hard to fill so that the flowers stand tall enough.

    Jamie said she has an easy solution— and it only requires one Dollar Tree purchase.

    “For those large flower pots, use pool noodles to take up extra space,” she said, while cutting up chunks of a foam noodle and placing them at the bottom of the pot.

    “This also provides drainage for your plants.”

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