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A MUM who left her husband of 11 years to be in a polyamorous relationship has revealed the foursome all share a bed – and her kids call her girlfriend their 'other mum'.

Amelia Bambam, 33, from Portland, Oregon, USA, decided to date other people in June 2016, after over a decade of marriage, and had her ex-husband's permission at first.

Since splitting from her husband, the social worker now dates two men and a woman – with only the blokes refraining from sex together.

The mum-of-two met boyfriend Billy Talbert, 42, a network administrator, on Tinder first – while she was still with her husband.

The couple went hiking for their first date, and Amelia admits: “The moment I met Billy, sparks flew.

“I fell in love with his charming smile and when he told me how much he loved his daughter, my heart melted.”

Billy and Amelia fell in love, but sadly her marriage ended when her husband realised the polyamorous life wasn't for him.

He said: “Me and my ex tried to make it work, but he couldn’t get on board with bringing other people into our marriage.

“I was devastated to lose him, but realised I couldn’t live a monogamous life anymore.

“Thankfully we’re still good friends and loving parents to our two children.”

I was devastated to lose my ex-husband, but realised I couldn’t live a monogamous life anymore

In August 2017, Amelia met girlfriend Laurel Wood, 35, a dental hygienist, at a football match – and the pair immediately hit it off.

Amelia said: “Laurel was so lovely and pretty. And she was an ex firefighter too – so very hot.

“I asked her if she was bisexual as I had an instant attraction to her. Thankfully she said she was – I was so excited.

“I really wanted Billy to meet her, I thought she would be perfect for our relationship.

“So a few weeks later I introduced them and the three of us started hanging out.

“Eventually we invited Laurel into the relationship and our feelings just grew.

“The three of us became intimate and would share a bed. It was an amazing experience.”

After becoming an official throuple, Amelia felt it was time to tell the kids about her new girlfriend and boyfriend.

She said: “They were so excited, and now they call Laurel their ‘other mum’.”

In March 2018, Laurel met Jeremy Lankenau, 35, a masters student, at a polyamorous community barbecue – and the pair started dating.

Amelia said: “At first I was really jealous that Laurel had a new boyfriend. They were spending all their time together and I felt left out.

“But I was open about my feelings and we all agreed we needed to balance our time with each other better.

“When I started spending time with him, I realised how lovely he was – men with beards win me over every time.

“He’s very handsome, so it was hard not to fancy him.”

At first I was really jealous that Laurel had a new boyfriend. They were spending all their time together and I felt left out

Soon after, they became a quad and now they all share a bed and have sex together – except Jeremy and Billy.

Amelia says: “Being intimate with three people feels completely natural.

“I am so in love with them all – it’s a lovely feeling.

“Our sexual activity is relaxed in that we can be with anyone we choose at any time, within the quad.

“Of course, we do our best to please everyone. I know some poly people have sex schedules but we don't do that.”

The foursome enjoy date nights as a group, at restaurants and the cinema, but also split up – depending on who feels like going out.

And luckily Amelia's never short of a babysitter.

She said: “We all hold hands and kiss when we go out, you can tell how in love we are.

What is a polyamorous relationship?

Based on the Greek and Latin words for 'many loves', a polyamorous person is someone who is in an open relationship – with the consent of everyone involved.

It's not technically cheating and is different from swinging, where couples meet for recreational sex with others outside their relationship.

Everyone within the couple – be it a throuple (three people), poly quad (four people) or more – is commited to one another in a poly set-up.

There's a whole community, both online and in real life, where people can meet others open to a poly relationship.

“We do get funny looks sometimes, but we just laugh it off. We are used to it.

“Thankfully, my family have been really supportive, but sadly Laurel’s and Jeremy’s haven’t been so understanding.

“Hopefully that’ll change in time when they realise we’re all so in love and there’s nothing bad about a poly relationship.”

All foursome all have kids from previous relationships – and Amelia insists their unconventional coupling is full of love.

Amelia said: “We all have kids from previous relationships, and we have explained that it’s natural to love more than one person at a time.

“It’s really sweet to have so much love and care in one household.

“People who judge polyamorous couples need to realise that we are people just like them. We have the same love for our family.

“We also have the right, just as you do, to live our lives free of discrimination and to be with the people we love.

“My two boyfriends, girlfriend and I are happier than ever.

“We don't care what society thinks, because we know we all love each other dearly.

“One day this taboo will be gone, and I, for one, can't wait.”

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