Woman ends up in A&E after armpit wax goes pear-shaped thanks to crucial error

Women the world over are familiar with the absolute agony of waxing , yet despite the pain and the (often) indignity of it, we do it over and over again.

Why, though?

In Kiera Stirton's case, she wanted to surprise her boyfriend who was due to return from holiday, so she decided to have a cheeky armpit wax.

However, where Kiera went wrong was trying to do a DIY job at home. Many people can wax themselves, but it's a trick which takes some refinement.

Sometimes, paying a professional is the safer option – as Kiera discovered herself.

Her big mistake?

"It was at home wax kit and I had put the wax on, but put my arm down whilst it was still wet and it hardened," she explains on Twitter .

"Forg(o) t the wax was wet, now my f*****g armpit is glued (together)," she added.

"How does this even happen?!"

Kiera's arm was essentially glued in place, and it took dousing the wax in baby oil then ripping it off (ouch!) to rectify the problem.

Spare a thought also for Kiera's poor mum, who walked in on her daughter and thought she was bleeding from ripping her armpit in half.

"She was freaking out," Kiera added.

So has Kiera learnt from her ordeal?

It certainly looks like it, she also wrote: "let’s just say my bikini line is getting the good old trusty razor."

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