50 Cent mocks gangster with 'notorious' tattooed across his face who moaned he can't get a job

RAPPER 50 Cent has mocked the gangster with "notorious" tattooed across his face who moaned about not being able to get a job.

The Candy Shop singer took aim at heavily-inked Puk Kireka, a member of one of New Zealand's most feared biker gangs, in an Instagram post on Tuesday.

Posting a screenshot of The Sun Online's story about Kireka, the US rapper wrote: "What the f*** is really going on man. I wonder why he can't get a job."

In the story ex-con Puk Kireka, 31, who joined the Kiwi Mongrel Mob in 2008, complained "it will be hard to get a job with my tatts".

The former drug addict and self-described "mobster" admitted employers would probably not be impressed by the ink covering the lower half of his face.

Emblazoned in the biker gang's red and black colours, the word "NOTORIUS" stretches from ear to ear.

On Tuesday, The Sun's coverage of Kireka's employment plight caught the attention of In Da Club superstar 50 Cent – real name Curtis James Jackson III.

What the f*** is really going on man. I wonder why he can't get a job.

He then took to Instagram to ridicule the Kiwi gangster in front of his 23.3million followers.

Some fans warned 50 to delete the post, with one saying: "The mob is gonna hit you bro. I'd recommend taking it down."

Today dad-of-three Kireka responded to the roasting and invited the US rapper to "come over" to his country to do "whatever you want to do".

In a new video about the post, Kireka says: "Someone like him, mentioning me on his statuses, I feel privileged a little bit man.

"At the end of the day if you've got something to say, come over.

"Unfortunately I can't come to your country 'cause I'm too gangsta and my criminal history won't allow me to enter into your country.

"So come over to New Zealand, Hawkes Bay. Sit down and we'll have a chat or whatever you want to do."

Kireka admitted in the earlier interview he “will always be a mobster” but wants “to bring some of the others on board this better lifestyle".

“A lot of them are still drinking and smoking. While they aren’t getting into much trouble they are still ruining their lives with their lifestyle,” Kireka stressed.

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