I nearly died after having my lip fillers reduced – they were at bursting point after I had horrifying allergic reaction | The Sun

AN INFLUENCER revealed how she almost died from a horrific allergic reaction after getting lip fillers.

Pouty Cartier Bugatti from Samara, Russia, was left swollen and in immense pain from complications following the cosmetic procedure.

The heavily-inked mum-of-one, whose real name is Kristina Vishnivetskaya, had gone to get her oversized lips reduced, but things had quickly gone awry.

According to Kristina, her lips and cheeks swelled to more than twice their normal size after she had an allergic reaction to the medication she was given.

According to reports, the 23-year-old was given Longidaza – an immunomodulatory medication with anti-inflammatory properties.

After suffering the horror reaction, she was dashed to hospital by ambulance.


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Images she took of the nightmare reaction show her lips so swollen that they hung off her face.

Both her top and bottom lip had ballooned so much that the woman couldn't fully close her mouth.

Her undereye area was left puffy and red and caused her eyes to be pushed together – as if she was permanently squinting.

Kristina, who boasts 117,000 Instagram followers, says medics' quick actions helped prevent her from developing a severe case of Quincke's oedema.

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In some cases, Quincke's oedema – sudden swelling under the skin – can cause the throat to swell up, leading to breathing difficulties.

The influencer, who also has over 17,000 Telegram subscribers, is now out of danger but was kept in hospital under observation for several days following the scare.

The Moscow-based social media star said at the time: "Of course, they won't let me die here, and that's the most important thing."

Kristina, who had gone for the procedure after lumps formed in her lips, revealed she had no idea she was allergic to Longidaza.

She told her online followers: "Certainly, if I had known about the allergy, I would have continued living without doing anything, I suppose."

The cosmetologist she visited is not believed to be authorised to carry out lip reductions.

The influencer has since been discharged from hospital and is now back at home with her husband and young son.

This comes after one woman revealed how she "almost died" after jetting off to Turkey for a BBL, before developing sepsis.

And in September 2022, a student told how she "nearly died" after developing an allergic reaction to lip filler.

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