Three common things which make your home look so cheap – and it’s bad news if you love hanging up your kid’s drawings | The Sun

IT'S bad news if you have these three common things in your home – according to one interior designer they're making it look so cheap.

But don't worry, they're really quick and easy to fix.

Marissa Pellegrini explained why they're all do bad and what you can do to fix them.

First of all, if you have random wires and cords visible in any room you're not doing yourself any favours.

So if you've got your TV on the wall but still have the wires hanging down, it might be time to hide them away.

The pro said even if you're renting you can make a few changes to neatly tuck cords away.


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"Either your landlord's going to be happy with this improvement because now other tenants can do this, or you can fix the hole really easily," she explained.

The second thing the interior whizz can't stand is "kid clutter on your fridge."

Different colourful magnets, notes, scribbles and artwork can look like a bit much, especailly if you're having guests over.

"Get everything off if you want it to look higher end," Marissa said.

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The fridge isn't the only place you should declutter to make tour home look more posh though.

General mess and rubbish can instantly make your home look cheap, Marissa explained.

"If everything has a place and you use a minimalistic design it's gonna look so much more luxurious," she noted.

After sharing her tips on social media, some people disagreed with the pro.

"All of these thing make people's houses HOMES," one person slammed.

"Sorry but I'll always put my kids' drawings on my fridge, I don't care how it looks," another wrote.

Meanwhile, others loved the handy tips and agreed they make a big difference to the overall look of any home.

One commented: "Totally agree on electrical cords. It's a problem with end tables too."

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