I showed my mom the tight dress I was wearing to dinner – she said it looked like a ‘trash bag’ & refused to let me out | The Sun

ONE daughter has shocked her mom with a slim-fitting dress unsuitable for dinner with the family.

The creator's mother refused to let anyone see her daughter in what she considered a "trash bag."

Kat Stickler (@katstickler5757) posted a video to reveal her mom's reaction to seeing her in the skimpy dress.

She laughed into the camera as she adjusted the piece on her body.

The lifestyle YouTuber donned a bold red lip to match her daring choice of clothing.

Kat wore a bodycon black dress with long detachable sleeves and ruching along the middle.

The material looked as if it were either coated in shiny gloss.

"Telling my mom I'm wearing this outfit for dinner," she said.

Kat pretended to struggle with the zipper on the side of her dress and asked her mom for help.

Her mom walked into the room, unaware of what she was about to see her daughter wearing.

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"What are you doing?" her mom asked when she looked at Kat.

"I'm filming a get ready with me and stuff, and then I'm gonna go," Kat replied.

But her mom wasn't asking why she was filming. She was questioning her dress decision.

"For what? Dinner? Dressed like that? No, baby," her mom said.

"No, I'm sorry that's like a garbage bag wrapped around you."

Kat thanked her mom for her input, but said she was still going to wear it.

Her mother began uncontrollably laughing, knowing full well she wasn't allowing Kat to wear the risque dress to dinner.

"You might think you look sexy, but no, sorry," her mom proclaimed.

Viewers were humored by Kat's harmless joke and her mom's reaction.

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"This is still my favorite video ever," a fan exclaimed.

One woman pointed out: "I love that she’s not upset because it’s too 'risqué' or revealing, but because she knows it’s not flattering. Momma got her back!"

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