Triple killer told police he watched Die Hard as he murdered daughter

Triple killer told police he’d been watching Die Hard as he murdered his three-week-old daughter while she slept in her Moses basket – before being bailed and going on to kill his son and girlfriend

  • Jordan Monaghan smothered his 24-day-old daughter Ruby to death in 2013 
  • He told police he watched the film on New Year’s Day – as his daughter lay dead
  • The killer would later kill her older brother and his partner before being caught 

Chilling footage shows the moment a triple murderer told police officers he watched Die Hard after smothering his baby daughter to death.

Jordan Monaghan brazenly told police he watched the Bruce Willis film while 24-day-old Ruby slept in a moses basket next to him upon being arrested for her murder six years after her death.

In police footage, which is set to be aired as part of a documentary into the remorseless killer, he can also be seen protesting as officers put him in a police van to take him to the station.

The Blackburn man would later be found guilty of murdering Ruby and her 21-month-old brother Logan months later, as well as poisoning his partner Evie Adams in 2019. 

He is currently serving a life sentence with a minimum term of 48 years for their murders, as well as the attempted murder of a third child who can’t be identified for legal reasons.

Jordan Monaghan smothering daughter, Ruby (pictured left), on New Year’s Day 2013, and son, Logan (pictured right), eight months later

 Monaghan smothered both Ruby (pictured left) and Logan (pictured right) by obstructing their airways

Chilling footage showed the killer admitting he watched Die Hard on the night of Ruby’s murder 

Monaghan had first been questioned by police in relation to the death of his children in August 2013 – but was released. 

Timeline of Jordan Monaghan’s murders 

January 2013

Monaghan’s daughter Ruby dies at their home in Blackburn, Lancashire aged just three weeks.

August 2013

Monaghan’s son Logan dies, aged 21 months. Monaghan is questioned by police for eight hours but released.

August 2013

An inquest is held into the death of the two children. Ruby’s death is attributed to bronchiolitis and Logan’s cause of death remained ‘unascertained’.

Monaghan and his then partner, Laura Gray, the children’s biological mother, undergo genetic tests to determine whether the children were killed by a hereditary condition.

January 2018

Monaghan is arrested and quizzed by police, after an incident involving another child, who cannot be named for legal reasons.

Police reopen the investigation into the deaths of the two children and Monaghan is arrested on suspicion of murder.

January 2019

Monaghan at this point is in a relationship with Evie. Police become so worried about her welfare that they take her to a place of safety.

October 2019

While he is on bail for double murder of the two children, Monaghan’s new partner, Evie Adams dies of a drug overdose.  . 

Between October 2019 and January 2019

Police continue their investigation.

Detectives, who had earlier warned Evie through a court order to steer clear of Monaghan, make a breakthrough.

They discover in the toxicology reports that Evie had a cocktail of tramadol and diazepam in her system.

January 2021

Monaghan is rearrested and charged with all three murders.

December 2021

Monaghan is sentenced to life

In January 2019 he was rearrested on suspicion of their murders but placed on bail which allowed him to kill his girlfriend in November that year – he was not officially charged with any of the killings until January 2021. 

In shocking footage from January 2018 – six years after he had killed his 24-day-old daughter Ruby in his home and smothered his son Logan at a swimming pool Monaghan is seen protesting his innocence to arresting officers. 

As he is led into the back of a police van by officers, Monaghan asks: ‘With what evidence are you doing this?’

‘It will be explained to you when you get to the police station’, replies an officer. 

In clips from Monaghan’s interview, the interrogator asks directly: ‘Are you responsible for either the deaths of Ruby or Logan?’

After Monaghan denies that he is responsible, the officer asks him what he was doing downstairs with Ruby on the night of her murder on New Years Day 2013. 

He responds: ‘I was watching TV. I was watching Die Hard.’

When police asked him where Ruby was, the callous killer responded: ‘In the moses basket. If we were staying up late we’d bring the moses basket down.

‘It was comfy for her as well.’ 

In reality, Monaghan was already planning to kill his daughter by this point. 

In heartbreaking testimony from Ruby’s mother and Monaghan’s ex-partner Laura Gray, she revealed how he had killed her silently whilst she slept by obstructing her the baby’s airways. 

She said: ‘The children were in bed and we watched a film and saw the New Year in before I went to bed. Jordan stayed up to give Ruby her 2am bottle.

‘I woke in the early hours to Jordan shouting that she wasn’t breathing. I ran downstairs and I could see, the moment I looked at her, that she had gone. We called an ambulance and I went with her to the hospital, but it was too late.’

A routine police investigation followed and Ruby’s death was attributed to acute bronchial pneumonia. 

Eight months later, Monaghan took his toddler Logan to the local swimming baths Waves and smothered him in the changing rooms. 

He pushed the toddler home in his pram with the rain cover down, making it look like he had fallen asleep on the journey.

Questioning Monaghan on the death of his second child Logan, officers asked: ‘Was he awake when you left Waves?’

‘No. Not when I left’, he replied, ‘[he fell asleep] just as we were coming out of Waves.’ 

Speaking on the Discovery+ program, The Killer In My Home: A Deadliest Mums & Dads Special, Detective Chief Superintendent Pauline Stables relayed how police has approached both tragic cases. 

She said: ‘We asked for advice from forensic pathologist, paediatric pathologist, neurologist, cardiologist, infectious diseases specialist, geneticist, all to rule out any potential natural cause for Ruby’s death.

‘So ultimately the overall evidence supported that Jordan had obstructed Ruby’s airway through pinching her nose and putting his hand over her mouth. 

‘We now know that Jordan has travelled to Waves, pushed Logan in his pram into a changing room within Waves, spent some time within the changing room at which point we believe that is where he’s obstructed Logan’s airway and ultimately killed him.’

She continued, remarking on Monaghan’s interview footage: ‘Jordan’s physical reaction to being charged was… There’s no emotion, no emotion when going through the last moments of their lives.

‘No emotion when reliving the deaths and the circumstances surrounding his three loved ones.’

Laura Gray was asleep upstairs when Monaghan smothered her daughter Ruby

Pictured: Jordan Monaghan and his former partner Laura Gray leaving Blackburn Coroners in 2014 after the inquest into their son Logan’s death

Logan (left) and Ruby’s graves, which still have ‘Mummy and Daddy’ on them

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After evading justice for six years, and while on bail for the murder of his two children, he killed his new girlfriend, 23-year-old Evie Adams, with a deadly cocktail of prescription drugs in October 2019.

During a court case which laid bare the struggles police and prosecutors had in bringing Monaghan to justice, it was revealed officers had arrested and interviewed six years earlier under caution after the death of Logan. 

But they did not have enough evidence to charge him with either of the murders, and he was released on police bail. 

After further information came to light involving the collapse of another child, who cannot be named, police reviewed the deaths of Ruby, aged 24 days, and Logan, aged 21 months, and in 2018, Monaghan was arrested.

But astonishingly he was then allowed on police bail, with the investigation appearing to have moved little further ahead. 

By January 2019, Monaghan was in a relationship with Evie Adams. Police became so worried about her welfare that they take her to a place of safety.

But manipulative Monaghan ignored their orders and continued to see her. At one point, when the pair were stopped together in a car, he claimed she was ‘some bird I just met’.

Eight months later, in October 2019, Miss Adams was found dead after an apparent drug overdose.

Monaghan was also found guilty of murdering his girlfriend Evie Adams (pictured) in 2019 by giving her an overdose of tramadol and diazepam, which he bought on the black market

After her death, Monaghan posted this picture of him proposing to Ms Adams and said she ‘would be missed’

In reality, Monaghan had illegally bought strong prescription drugs on the black market via WhatsApp and other contacts.

Miss Adams was found to have tramadol, diazepam, amitriptyline, zopiclone and pregabalin medication in her body after her collapse and death on October 24, 2019.

She died from tramadol and diazepam toxicity.

Monaghan then faked a suicide note from Miss Adams, discovered apparently by chance falling out of a picture frame as he removed the couple’s favourite photo of themselves to place in her coffin.

The killer was re-arrested in January 2021 and  charged with all three murders.

In December 2021, after a 10 week trial and a 26 hour deliberation Monaghan was finally convicted and was sentenced to three life orders, with a minimum term of at least 40 years. 

The Killer In My Home: A Deadliest Mums & Dads Special is available to stream from Saturday 1st April exclusively on discovery+ 

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