I spent £35 getting my makeup done professionally… it was the biggest fail of my life

A WOMAN revealed how she was left disappointed by makeup artists after paying £35 and hating the final result.

Tiktok user Karly shared the makeover with her followers, who were horrified that professional makeup artists would charge her for the work.

She said: “The time I paid £35 to get my makeup done at Urban Decay and this is what they actually done to me.”

Karly used an audio which rated the look out of ten, saying: “It is so bad I want to give you a zero, but that’s not possible, so I give you a one.”

The final look involved heavy, dark eye makeup in purple and red tones, as well as large, dark, dramatic eyebrows.

The video racked up 411,000 views and commenters thought the ordeal was outrageous.

“I can’t believe they charged you £35 for THAT??” said one viewer, while another wrote: “There’s literally not even one good thing about it, couldn’t even save it. Wtf I’d have cried.”

A third agreed: “Imagine getting your makeup done for it to look like that.”

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“It’s giving Volturi”, wrote one commenter, comparing Karly to a group of vampires from the Twilight Saga.

Others could relate to the experience.

One said: “They legit have done this to me before – came out looking like Casper for my 21st birthday, I was very cross!”

And many said Karly still looked gorgeous, despite the unusual makeup look.

“Girl it’s a good job you’re pretty because you’ve somehow still pulled it off”, one wrote. 

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