I wanted a secret room in my home for some privacy but it gets way better when you go inside – no one would ever find me | The Sun

HE wanted a room he could go into and relax, without the worry of someone finding him.

But instead of creating just one secret room, Drew took things to another level by having another one inside the first.

"I built a secret room inside a secret room!" YouTuber Drew wrote over his TikTok video.

In the clip, he was seen approaching what looked like a wall, on which was a print that read "Not Drew's Room".

He then pulled the print, revealing a secret door behind it.

Once Drew stepped into the room, which contained a bed and drum kit, he walked over to what looked like a mirror on the wall.

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And, once again, he pulled the mirror to show another secret room behind it.

That one was more like a snug, with blankets, cushions and snacks set up on the floor, alongside some gaming devices.

"In case someone finds my secret room…. I made another secret room," he captioned his video.

"Good luck ever finding me."

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People took to the comments section to weigh in on Drew's unique room setup, with one writing: "Can u build a secret room inside of a secret room inside of a secret room?"

"Wooooow," another added.

"POV: everyone will find out ur secret room because u posted on TikTok," a third commented.

"Bro's secret room is bigger than my living room," someone else wrote.

While another comment read: "That secret room looks so comfy!"

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