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A MUM has told how she gets dirty looks from locals when she wears underwear as outerwear.

Laura Whyte, 29, reckons her neighbours are just jealous of her confidence when she steps outside in Aberchirder, Aberdeenshire.

The OnlyFans model loves wearing skimpy outfits but doesn’t understand why folk in the area care about her so much. 

She says: “I love wearing underwear as outerwear because it’s sexy.

“I like to look good and so I wear what I feel most confident in.

“There’s not many other mums who dress like me so maybe it shocks them.

“But at least I’m giving them something nice to look at.

“Bras and lingerie can look lovely when you dress it up a bit and it’s not inappropriate to wear in public at all.”

Laura previously told how she boosted her income from £35 a week benefit payments to £4k a month after making a shock career change.

But her success came at a cost after people in the tiny village she lives in tried to run her out because of her job.

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The mum of two, whose long term partner convinced her to join OnlyFans, has lived in Aberchirder for nearly nine years.

But she doesn’t want to be pushed out by what she perceives to be jealous trolls.

She adds: “I’m one of the most hated woman in Aberdeenshire.

“Most of the people make it obvious they’re going out their way to ignore you.

“ “My partner says it’s jealousy because they don’t look good enough to do it or their partner wouldn’t allow it.

“Girls say ‘don’t think you’re special because you do OnlyFans now.’

“They bang on about feminism and then you do well and they’re not happy about it.

“They didn’t have a problem when I was only getting £35 a week.

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“It did bother me at the start because I genuinely did nothing wrong.

“You get treated like a criminal, like a nasty person.”

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