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A SELF-MADE millionaire who went from homeless to making a whopping £240k a month has claimed that being poor is a choice.

By the age of 22, Dimitris Vakalis had been kicked out of college, endured homelessness and saw his business venture turn out to be a massive flop.

But believing he was ''destined to be rich'', the now 24-year-old didn't stop and suddenly struck gold by working with online content creators through his social media agency Upped.

The Greek national, The Express reported, is a a strong advocate for working hard to achieve what you want and blasts the modern ''something for nothing'' minset.

Dimitris, who now splits his time between the USA, Marbella and Dubai, insisted that it doesn't matter where you start – people should focus on where they're going to end up.

“The key is to want it all and have it all. I’ve learnt something very important throughout all these years of hustling and that is you deserve to be to the place you are.

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“The world doesn’t owe you anything. If you are flat broke and fat with no girlfriend then that is your fault.''

The 24-year-old millionaire added that ''poverty is a choice'' and those who believe they deserve to be rich only got ''themselves to blame'' if things don't work out.

Before finding himself raking in thousands every month, Dimitris did not come from wealth – and in his eyes, this makes him ''perfectly qualified'' to make the controversial claims.

After he was kicked out of college, he travelled to Greece in hopes to become a DJ in 2017.

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Sadly for the young bloke, this venture didn't prove lucrative, as he found himself getting £27 for ten shifts as a waiter.

According to Dimitris, the wage was so low, he could hardly afford to eat and cover rent, so he ended living in an abandoned house with no electricity or water.


After this, Dimitris forked out for plane tickets to the USA where he spent his time working as a door-to-door salesman to improve his English skills.

During his time in the States, he also gave dropshipping, Forex trading and Shopify a go – but none of this proved to make him as rich as he aspired to be.

In 2021, Dimitris opted to try his hand at social media management – and since then, his life has turned upside down.

His firm, which now employs 45 employees and over 25 models, had great success by helping adult stars reach as big of an audience across the world as possible.

He now enjoys raking in an eye-watering £240k a month, allowing to have a lavish lifestyle and even purchase his dream car – Lamborghini Huracán Evo.

“I built myself from zero.

“I’ve been through a lot of s*it that most of you will never experience even if you live two lives,'' he said.

But he turned all of his ''pain'' into ''pure power'', feeding his never-ending hunger for success.

His advice for young entrepreneurs at the start of their journey? If they are flat broke, they should focus on how to make money.

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He also reminded that success is not all about your bank account and wallet – success also means outcompeting everybody else in every metric, Dimitris reckoned.

Such things, he added, are your social skills, fighting ability – he loves boxing – body shapes, status, speed and brotherhood.

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