I'm a 5'2 fashion whizz – the three viral trends all petite women must avoid, they'll only make you look shorter | The Sun

OF COURSE, fashion has no rules – but have you ever wondered why certain trends just don't look as good on you?

Well, it might be all to do with your height and body shape, and if you're on the more petite side, there are three viral looks to best give a miss, according to a style whizz.

The 5'2 guru, better known to her million fans as Fashion Mom (@stylehard), took to TikTok to share some advice and explain why these trends are not as flattering on you.

Sharing the list of no-nos, the blonde started off the video with pairing mid-calf boots with a miniskirt.

''It's shortening my legs, it's not elongating anything.

''So not flattering,'' she noted.

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Rather than going for boots, the popular fashion lover recommended swapping these with elegant pointed toe heels.

''You guys know the drill – can definitely wear whatever you want. But I would suggested wearing these instead.''

Next up in the garments to avoid at all costs are boxy, oversized blazers.

They might be all the rage, but in Fashion Mom's eyes are not flattering to petite people, especially when paired with baggy jeans.

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''If you insist on wearing something like this, at least keep it open, so you can see the waistline.

''I would, however, do a cropped blazer with a baggy denim. This really elongates the legs.

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''It doesn't cut you off and make you look a lot shorter than you already are.''

Last, the pro informed her fellow petite fashion fans to steer clear of rocking high-top trainers with leggings.

Instead, ditch the high-tops and swap them with ankle shoes and chuck on a blazer for a more trendy and stylish look.

''Way more elongating, way more flattering.''

Impressed with the tips and tricks, followers flocked to comments to thank her, with one writing: ''

As someone who’s struggled with clothes lately and not understanding what looks good on my body type thank u.''

A second added: ''So okay, I’m 5’5 but my legs are so short that I’m considered petite in bottoms.

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''This has been sooo helpful! Boots never work for me.''

''The mom I needed!!'' someone else chuckled.

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