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CHOOSING a name for your baby is a huge decision for any parent.

Whilst some parents know what they want to name their child before it is born, others like to take a little time after the baby arrives to see what fits.

And if you're really struggling you might turn to an expert to find the perfect name for your baby. 

We spoke to a baby names expert to find out what names are set to be huge for next year and what trends to avoid. 

SJ Strum is a mum of three and has named hundreds of babies.

She runs Baby Envy consultancy and helps couples find the perfect names for their little ones.

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SJ says: “Choosing a name for your child is one of the first big decisions you will ever make as a parent. My advice is to ignore tradition and find a name that suits your lifestyle and interests.”

SJ’s first tip is to throw away that baby names book.

She says: “There have been a lot of changes to the way parents are picking baby names. In the past parents would usually pick names from the top 10 list of baby names each year. And they would find inspiration from the bible or the royals.”

“Modern parents are thinking very differently. They want their children to stand out and to be celebrated individually. People are finding their own style and looking to cultural trends to find their inspiration. 

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SJ says: “Most parents haven’t decided when picking a name that they want their child’s name to start with a certain letter. For this reason baby names books are not that useful."

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In fact less than 10 percent of baby names last year were in the previous year's top 10.

SJ says there's a real art to picking a baby name. 

She says: “I think it’s like picking a wedding dress. There are millions of wedding dresses out there but you need to find that perfect one that fits you right.”

SJ keeps track of baby name trends so here’s a couple of trends to look out for next year.

Goth Glam 

Leather pants are in and everyone wants to be Wednesday Adams so goth glam is soaring.

SJ says: “We’ve seen goth everywhere from Hollywood to the catwalks. Searches for goth baby clothes have gone up by 120 percent. The goth glam trend is all about drama and bold statements. 

Here’s a couple of goth inspired names for girls and boys.


  • -Isolabella – meaning the beautiful lonely one/ angel who blows the trumpet on judgement day.
  • -Rune – meaning secret messages or runes.
  • -Roxbury – meaning a fortress (nickname Roxy).


  • -Diggory – meaning lost one, also inspired by Harry Potter.
  • -Halloran – meaning stranger or male descendant of a pirate (Could got with Hall or Ryan as nicknames).


SJ says: “Maximalism is all about having a style so bold you can not help but admire it." 

The baby names expert says: “It’s about using bright arty colours for expression and I’m seeing it a lot in baby clothes and nursery designs. Maximalist baby names are long and have grand meanings.”

Here are some Maximalist baby names:


  • Ceridwen – meaning poetry or song (winnie works for a nickname for this). 
  • Eulalia – meaning well spoken .


  • Beauregard – meaning a beautiful view (beau/bow works as a nickname for this).
  • Aldemar – meaning noble or nobleman. 


A blast from the past, parents are looking to vintage nicknames for inspiration right now.

SJ says: “Vintage names as first name is really popular, classic timeless names with a fun twist”

Names like: 

  • -Howie nickname for Howard, meaning chief guardian. 
  • -Kit nickname for Christopher, meaning baby fox. 
  • -Sam short for Samantha or Samuel. 
  • -Winne short for Winifred meaning holy or gentle.

Some other trends to look out for include: dark academia, eco names, boho names, romantic names and luxe names.

Here’s SJ tops tips for finding the right baby names:

  • Avoid A-Z baby name books. 
  • Avoid fast fashion names like Jax, Harper, Summer, Hunter. 
  • Don’t make a quick decision, spend your time choosing.
  • Let the decision be between just you and your partner, no one else.
  • Avoid traditional names with different spellings like Wynter or Emileigh.

You can find SJ’s Youtube channel here for weekly baby name lists and baby name trends.

SJ also has an instragram page with baby name advice like choosing a bilingual name or what to do if someone close to you has already taken your chosen name. 

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You can also listen to SJ’s podcast Baby Name Envy.

If you would like to book a consultation with SJ you can find her details on her website.

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