I'm a dentist & you've been using your electric toothbrush all wrong – the right way is so much more effective | The Sun

CHANCES are, cleaning your teeth first thing in the morning and last thing at night is part of your daily routine that you think very little about.

But have you ever stopped to think whether you're using the right technique?

Well, dentist Anna Peterson, who posts under the acronym @annapetersondental, took to TikTok and revealed the common mistake that people always make.

So, have you been doing it all wrong?

In the clip, she begins by showing how not to brush your teeth, which involves moving the toothbrush far too quickly and in a straight motion across the teeth.

Next, she goes on to demonstrate the correct movement you should make with an electric toothbrush.


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She's then seen moving the toothbrush in a gentle motion, before pushing it into the teeth to achieve a more thorough clean.

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Nicole then asks: "Can you see the difference?"

The post quickly went viral, racking up over 292,000 views and hundreds of comments from grateful people up and down the country.

"Thank you for the explanation, was so clear and precise," praised one.

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A second enthused: "I just got a electric toothbrush last week and i can see so much difference all thanks to you.

"Also these tutorials are so useful."

A third commented: Thank you. I always wondered how to brush it with the electric toothbrush."

Meanwhile, a fourth penned: "I thought you weren't supposed to use that much pressure. I guess I've been doing it wrong…"

Another noted: "I tell my son this ..the toothbrush does the work for him."

Anna replied: "Absolutely! Good advice for your son!"

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