I'm a fake tanning pro – the seven steps to getting a perfect glow every time & the big mistake people always make

IF YOU'VE ever attempted to apply fake tan, you know how tricky it can be.

Getting the balance between skin kissed and orange is a tough one, it's a skill that takes a while to perfect.

Even if you use a less harsh gradual tanner it can still go wrong and you can end up with pale splotches over your body.

But how to you get it right?

Like most things it takes a lot of practice – and patience.

But if you don't have the time to risk it going wrong, there are a few tips you can follow to get the bronzed look without all the fuss.

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Choose a tanner that works for you

What works for your best friend might tinge your skin green or completely dry it out.

Finding a fake tan that works well with your skin type is a must, and there are loads of different options out there.

The reason you hate one fake tan might be the reason someone else adores it.

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Gradual tanners that are mixed with moisturiser are great if you've never fake tanned before, the results will be less dramatic after the first use, but it's also less likely you'll mess up.

That said, if you need to look bronzed up sooner rather than later, mousses might be the better option, you can also see where the tan is being applied so are less likely to miss any spots – but if you do it will be more obvious.

Check the use by date

You wouldn't eat anything past it's use by date, so why would you coat your body in an out of date product?

The simple fact is the product wont give you the results you're expecting if it's past it's best.

It's handy to make a note of when you open a new bottle of tan, as most won't have a specific use by date, but rather a time period that it should be used by, like 12 months.

Prep your skin

Showering before applying fake tan is a must, but if you want to avoid dark spots where your hair follicles are, leave shaving until you wash the tan off.

Exfoliating regularly is great for your skin, but essential for fake tan application, so do this a few hours before you apply any product.

Apply moisturiser to any dry spots like your elbows, ankles and knees to prevent to tan from sticking to the skin.

Make sure your skin is completely dry before applying any product.

Use a mitt

Although there are loads of different fake tanning hacks out there, the most trusty is the mitt method.

Not only does it protect your hands from turning orange, but it gives a more even finish.

Enlist a friend to help

If you've ever attempted to apply fake tan to your back on your own, you know how hard it is.

It's not worth dislocating a shoulder over, so get a friend to apply your tan to the middle of your back to save you looking patchy or ending up in A&E.


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Once your tan has been applied, what you do in the following days will determine if you continue to look bronzed or turn into a loaf of tiger bread.

Moisturise daily to avoid your skin drying our and remember that shaving will act like an exfoliant so those areas might fade faster.

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