I’m a gardening expert – you've got two weeks to get the perfect lawn this summer, what you need to do this weekend

IF YOU want your lawn to be ship shape and ready for summer, now's the time to start giving it some attention.

A gardening expert explained why you need to crack on with lawn maintenance in early April.

Owner of JayRock Lawn Care & Gardening Sam, spruces up lawns for a living and said you need to be treating your grass in the next two weeks.

He said: "Treating lawns is always good practice once the early morning frosts are lifting and you notice your lawn actively growing.

"The first two to three weeks of April is a good benchmark."

Treating your lawn with a mix of nutrients to feed the grass will keep it green and lush.

The pro said: "A spring feed with a medium-high nitrogen content will be perfect to kick the lawn into the growing season."

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Nitrogen is essential to all plants and is great for keeping your garden healthy.

It helps give grass that rich green colour that we all want in our yards.


Sam has a specific product that he suggests for the lushest of lush lawns.

The expert said: "A great example of this is Total Lawn which can be found online."

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He also suggested raking over the lawn to allow it to breathe making sure you remove any moss that can suffocate it.

For more info from Sam on great gardens check out his Youtube channel.

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