I’m a hair pro, people always make four massive mistakes with their locks and it’s why they look so bad

LUSCIOUS locks are all the rage at the moment.

But with seemingly everyone sporting a bouncy blow-dry, healthy hair can be hard to maintain.

Luckily, this hair pro shared the four mistakes she sees hair hopefuls make everyday.

Monica, shared the common errors on Instagram, saying that people don't even realise they're causing so much damage.

The first mistake you should avoid is using excessive heat.

It doesn't matter if it's from a straightener, curler or hair-dryer, all heat is damaging.

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"Hair is extremely fragile," the pro says.

So avoid using heat if you can, but especially on damp or wet hair as this will cause even more damage.

The second biggest cause of damage comes from mechanical methods.

This means super tight ponytails, rubber bands, towel drying and even brushing.

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Monica says that it's the friction from this that can make your hair snap and break.

Treat your hair like its fine spun gold and never be too rough with it, ditch the Ariana Grande high ponytail and save your hair.

Some things are just out of your control when it comes to your hair.

Environmental factors like rough winds, hard water and pollution can make your hair look limp and lifeless.

The hair whizz recommends wearing hats in the sun to protect from UV rays and leave in conditioners to ensure softness.

Finally, excessive bleaching and dying can make your hair look worse for wear.

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Of course, that doesn't mean you need to stick to your natural locks, although it would definitely help.

You can do a bond repairing treatment after any chemical treatment to preserve the health of your hair.

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