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THE onset of dropping temperatures means that for Britons drying their laundry outside is no longer an option in the winter months.

However, as the energy bills continue to soar, many are also forced to find alternatives to getting the garments bone dry without a tumble dryer.

Fortunately, there are simple steps to follow if you want to find your washing dry and ready-to-wear without having to wait for days.

And the best part? There won't be any damp smell lingering around either.

Chatting to Fabulous, the laundry gurus at Lenor said that in winter, especially if the weather's humid and cold, things can get a little more ''complicated''.

''Clothes take longer to dry indoors and can pick up pesky musty odours, especially in small rooms and those with carpeted floors,'' explained Roberta Rampazzo, Senior Brand Manager.

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But there are ways to avoid the disaster, which often means wasting more money to rewash your clothes over and over again.

Go easy

According to her, one of the biggest mistake people make is chucking in as many dirty garments as possible.

You might think you're killing two birds with one stone but in reality not only will they most likely not get washed properly, the clothes will also take forever to dry.

Spinning like a ballerina

Before taking them out, Roberta also advised to give the load an extra spin in the washing machine.

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''Give laundry a good spin and an extra shake when removing it from the washing machine to extract surplus water and damp.''

She went on to warn: ''Decode the symbols on your garments prior to washing as not all materials (knits and delicates) can withstand an extra spin.''

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No time wasted

If you're anything like us, chances are you've heard the washing machine signalling the cycle end and have remained sat with your phone for ages.

Of course, all the latest updates on Instagram are important and you wouldn't want to miss any news.

But you'd also wouldn't want to find your laundry reeking of damp.

Roberta urged: ''Hang your clothes straight away. Don’t leave them in the machine or a laundry basket as this can cause them to smell musty and even grow mould.''

Where & how to dry

Sharing her tips, the laundry whizz advised against putting your washing in spaces where you spend a lot of time, such as your bedroom.

This, she explained, will reduce the risk of damp and nasty mould growing on the walls.

''A wall-mounted drying rack is a good option: it takes up no floor space and you can fold it away.

''Alternatively, try a retractable clothesline that can be pulled back and put away when not in use.''

Just as important is knowing how to lay out your washing for the most optimal drying time – and here you should take advantage of windows.

''Try and position your washing near an open window or somewhere with good airflow.

''Avoid layering too many clothes in the same part of the airer as this can delay the drying process.

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''Instead, spread clothes evenly at least an inch apart and turn them over after a few hours to help them dry evenly.''

Contrary to what many think, Roberta also urged Britons to steer clear of using radiators for their washing, as it increases the level of moisture in the air – and ultimately, leads to damp conditions in which mould spores thrive.

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