Julia Fox on Dating Women to Explore Her 'Gay Bone,' Shares Machete Birkin Story

The "Uncut Gems" star also explains why men shouldn't be allowed to have penises and how she would level the playing field between men and women.

Julia Fox is single and she may be ready to mingle … just not in the way she has been to this point. Instead, she might be ready to explore her “gay bone.”

The “Uncut Gems” star talked about her nonexistent dating life since breaking up with Kanye West in her upcoming interview for Showtime’s “Ziwe,” kicking off its second season Sunday night at 11 p.m. ET.

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During their discussion, Ziwe asked her if she’d ever considered dating women, and Fox admitted that she had actually “been thinking about it a lot” lately.

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“I do think I have, you know, a gay bone and I need to explore that a little bit more,” Fox replied.

“Maybe my ex-boyfriends weren’t wrong when they were calling me a lesbian and complaining that I never wanted to have sex with them,” the actress and fashionista added with a smile.

“I can find love in all places and all races,” Fox explained, though she prefers to date not-white people.

When asked why she’s been contemplating dating women, Fox explained that it’s pretty simple. It’s because of men. “They all, like, are equally horrible, to be honest,” she said.

In the full interview, Fox went in even harder on men. When asked if they should be allowed to have opinions, Fox shot back, “They shouldn’t even be allowed to have penises.”

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In the interview, she even explained how she’d go about killing a man, making it look like an overdose. When Ziwe asked if she was “pro-women-killing-men,” Fox said, “if the man deserves it, yeah. Why not? Men kill women all the time — for no reason.”

Later in the interview, she explained that it’s more the patriarchy she hates than men, explained that both men and women are victims of it, but when it comes down to it, it seems as if the men just don’t care about the things that impact women.

As for the male appendage, Fox said that it can be “a weapon of mass destruction.” So her counter is for women to have the same. Thus, if she were president, she’d give every woman a gun and none to men.

“I think it equals the playing field,” Fox argued. “I think we wouldn’t get f—ed with so much.”

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Speaking of getting “f—ed with,” Fox also recently opened up about what really happened with her Hermès Birkin bag. Last month, she told her TikTok followers that it was attacked by a machete, but was very sparse on crucial details.

During an appearance at the Thierry Mugler: Couturissime exhibition on Tuesday, she finally spilled some of the beans to E! News.

“I got in a fight with a loved one,” she told the outlet, but would not reveal the name. She did, however, say, “I deserved it, let’s put it that way.”

Back on October 19, Fox shared a video of the bag where she spotlighted all the battle damage it had taken, saying she’d been “holding onto this Birkin for my life.”

Clearly, there is a lot more to this story than we even know now. If we give her enough time, though, we have a feeling Fox will spill the deets!

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