I’m a Pilates pro – my sculpting workout will give you the 'ultimate core burn' and it only takes 5 minutes | The Sun

A GYM bunny said you don’t need to spend an hour working out to get the svelte figure you want.

She said you can become hot girl summer ready by only spending 5 minutes a day doing her core exercises.

Pilates instructor Tasha Franken (@tashafranken) knows not everyone has the time or money to hit up exercise classes every day, so she began sharing her favorite routines on TikTok to inspire women to get it done on their own time, at home.

In one video, she shared the exercises that will sculpt your core.

And the best part is, the whole routine only takes five minutes to do.

“One minute per movement,” she began.

For the first move, the blonde beauty had her back on the mat, with her legs lifted and knees bent.

She slowly lowered one leg down at a time to touch her toes to the ground.

In the same position, she then began doing crunches for her second move, bringing her legs in and out as she lifted and lowered her chest.

Her third move saw her back on the floor with her chest lifted.

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With her legs pointed straight out, she began to bring them towards her chest and grabbed them with her hands one at a time.

Her next move was similar, but this time she bent her knees into her chest instead of keeping them straight.

And her final move involved classic leg lifts, lowering and raising her legs together at once.

“As many rounds as you can do,” she encouraged, while adding that it was “the ultimate pilates core burn.”

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