I’m a size ten and went jean shopping in Primark – I tried on four pairs but it was a joke at how much they varied | The Sun

FINDING the right pair of jeans can be incredibly hard.

Whether it’s your thighs or your bottom, there’s probably one area of your body that doesn't sit in your jeans the way you would like it to.

This leaves many of us avoiding denim all together. 

But it looks like we may not be the problem. 

You might want to take a look at shop sizing before deciding you’ve definitely gone up a size.

Lily Ashton is a fitness influencer. 

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She shares helpful fitness health and food videos on Instagram. 

In a recent video she did a little investigation in Primark. 

She said: “Have you ever tried something on in a particular size and felt disheartened because it didn’t fit? Therefore assuming you MUST HAVE gained weight because you’re usually a size **??

Lily said: “Well I tried on 4 pairs of size 10 jeans in Primark… as you can see the sizing is completely inconsistent!”

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The first pair of jeans she tried on she said: “Fit okay” but were “A little loose on the waist.”

The second pair didn’t fit at all.

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Lily said: “Can’t even wriggle into these. Won’t go past my legs or bum.”

The third pair fit perfectly. 

The gym fan said: “Fit pretty well. We're tough to get on but fit nicely once on.”

The final pair of jeans were surprisingly too big.

Lily said: “Way too big on me.”

Lily showed a huge gap around her waist.

And somehow these were all supposed to be the same size jeans in just one shop.

Lily said: “So how am I supposed to label myself as a certain size when some fit and some don’t..?”

She continued: “If you’re happy in your skin you won’t let numbers bother you! If the dress fits…wear it.”

Viewers were very impressed with Lily’s video and expressed gratitude in the comments.

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One commenter said: “Love this so much!! I’ve been getting myself so worked up over sizes lately because nothing fits but it really is just a size and they’re all so different.”

Another said: “This makes me feel so much better. I wear a size 8 skirt and size 14 jeans and sometimes it makes me so sad!!”

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