Kim Kardashian Struggles to Walk and Climb Stairs in Skintight Chain-Mail Gown

Image Source: Getty / Gotham

If gracefully waddling up stairs in a skintight dress were an Olympic sport, Kim Kardashian would win gold every time. The Skims founder just proved her mastery of the skill while climbing several flights in a formfitting chainmail dress during Milan Fashion Week.

In a behind-the-scenes video captured and first shared by her former assistant Steph Shepherd, Kardashian is seen struggling to walk in a tapered silver gown that ties at the ankles and laces all the way up both sides. Upon reaching the first step, she grabs onto the handrail for support and bunny-hops up a few while clutching onto her matching handbag. The next clip shows two people helping her ascend and zooms in on the bottom of her dress to show just how tight the material is around her feet.

After Kardashian asks, “Is there an elevator?,” to no avail, she forges onward up the seemingly endless staircase until finally reaching a car, where she plops onto a seat with her legs stretched straight out. We’ve gotta hand it to her: the dedication is unmatched.

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