‘Lazy mum’ serves her kids frozen dinners, ditches baths for wipes and has been letting her son sleep in his clothes – The Sun

A “LAZY” mum has shared some of her short-cut parenting tips, including serving up frozen dinners and letting her children skip bath time.

Katie Crenshaw, from Georgia, US, has shared her three time saving hacks for the “lazy mom” on her personal blog.

The mum-of-three was keen to reassure parents that it was perfectly OK to serve up frozen dinners admitting she had wasted time trying to prepare meals from scratch.

She said: “I have definitely saved time by making delicious meals in the *gasp* microwave.”

The mum relies on an American frozen food company called Happi Foodi, a company that produces “restaurant quality” food for your freezer.

The UK’s COOK frozen ready meal store, provides similar products with kids’ meals starting at £2.75.

And when it comes to bath time, Katie says that sometimes it’s easy to skip the fuss and just go without bathing.

She writes: “Eh, wipes are fine. It’s not worth the fight sometimes.”

And this isn’t the only time that Katie lets her children win the battle admitting she lets her son Grayson sleep in his clothes.

The youngster wanted to wear his clothes for the next day to bed rather than having to get up earlier.

Although Katie was tempted to say no she now thinks it’s “genius” and he has done so for the past year.

Katie was also keen to share a laundry hack – actively encouraging mums to avoid folding clothes.

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“Laying tee shirts flat in a stack saves a lot of time and easily slides into the dresser” she explained.

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