Meet the Viral Amazon Leggings Everyone on TikTok Swears Will Give You the Juiciest Butt Everrrrr

At the risk of sounding dramatic, what would we do without TikTok? Over the past few months, the hyper-popular app has distracted us with dance challenges, funny lip-dubs, and, of course buying guides. Its savvy users have introduced us to game-changing purchases, affordable dupes, and clothing that’s about to go viral.

Now’s the part where I must tell you about some leggings that TikTok creators absolutely rave about. Amazon’s no stranger to serving up stylish and affordable items that garner lots of attention (Hi, Amazon Coat). But, most recently, TikTok’s discerning shoppers decided Seasum’s leggings will give you the juiciest donk in town.

Seasum might not be a household name, but its leggings are all over our feeds—and for good reason. Made with a textured, compression-like material, these leggings hug your curves in all the right ways, according to TikTokers who’ve purchased, so you can really, er…flaunt what you got. Helps that they’ve got that ruching down the center of the booty, too, that keeps everything looking nice and perfectly round.

#stitch with @devinkolson Whelp imma go order 15 more and I’m never wearing anything else

Of course, Seasum’s leggings have a lot more to offer than a 👀-worthy look. Not only are they super stretchy, making them perfect for squats and lunges, but they also dry relatively quickly. (That way, you won’t have to sit in your own sweat.) And, if you want to order 15 pairs like @Mommy.Ditto, they’re available in a bunch of cute colors so you’ll never be bored.

Oh, and did I mention you can buy these leggings for $25 each? Time to buy one of each, tyvm.

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