Mum-to-be shares baby news with sweet baking-inspired announcement- but people think it proves 'husband is bad in bed'

THESE days, you have to go hard or go home to get noticed online – especially when it comes to pregnancy announcements.

In other words, a picture of a positive test just doesn't cut it anymore.

Well in a bid to get noticed online, one happy couple played around with the phrase "bun in the oven"… although we really wish they hadn't.

Going all-in with their baking theme, the happy couple took a picture of themselves kissing in their kitchen and standing in front of a letter board sharing a "recipe for a baby".

The sign reads: "1 Cup Mommy, 3 Pumps Daddy, Mix with Love and Bake Until July."

After spotting the photo on Instagram, one horrified user shared it on Twitter – and highlighted how the, erm, eccentric post could easily be misconstrued.

They wrote: "Imagine using your baby announcement to tell the world your husband is bad at sex."

The tweet racked up almost 130,000 "likes" – and users branded it the "worst baby announcement ever".

"This woman needs a real friend," one replied. "A real friend would have put a stop to this."

Another added: "I'm so uncomfortable…"

A third said: "I want to hear from their family members. If you received this announcement, spill it—how many group texts went around about how grossed out y’all were?"

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