My body rejected my breast reduction leaving me with scars all over my boobs, now I’ve learnt to embrace them

EVERY week Nelly London will take to social media to share a picture supporting body positivity. 

Dubbing herself as the “girl with the hip dips” she proudly posts uplifting content to her 456k Instagram followers so that others can feel good about themselves too. 

And she is not afraid of holding back either. 

In her most recent post, the influencer shared a picture of her boobs after learning to embrace them following her tortuous breast reduction journey. 

Speaking previously, she said: “I was 19 when I had breast reduction surgery, and before that I didn’t even know it was an option. I thought that I was just going to have to deal with these huge boobs that caused me so much pain – I just assumed that was my destiny,”

During an interview with the BBC earlier last year, she revealed that her body “rejected” her surgery, leaving her with open wounds and needing multiple extra surgeries to close the tissue. She was a HH cup. 


The follow-up surgery didn’t correct the issue, and Nelly says: “My entire chest was open. 

“Not one of the wounds, not one of the stitches had held.”

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This led to her having to undergo wound treatment, which meant seeing nurses to redress her wounds every three days for around seven months.

Now, eight years on, she’s had multiple surgeries and is due to have more.

She says: "It was so horrific, and I ended up spending so much money on all of it – It was more than double what I thought it would be.

"It was so much more healing than I thought, it took years and years, and I'm still not really done with the reconstruction of those scars. 

“But I would do it again because the freedom of having boobs that you can be yourself with is still worth it.”

It was so horrific, and I ended up spending so much money on all of it – It was more than double what I thought it would be

Now Nelly, from Brighton, regularly shares posts of her being proud of who she is. 

In one picture showing her unclipping her bra, she captions it: “Big ones, small ones, saggy ones, perky ones, scarred ones, tubular ones, asymmetrical ones, enhanced boobs, one boob, two boobs, no boobs. They’re all just boobs.

“But I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who is 100% happy with their boobs, and there always seems to be the idea that they could just be a bit better somehow.

“We can wish they were different in a million different ways, we might even try and make changes to them (hi me), but boobs are just boobs, in all their weird, asymmetrical, bouncy glory.”



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Many of her followers were appreciative of the snap, with one writing: “I needed this post!!!!” 

And another added: “This is what i wanted to hear, was struggling with weight loss and the consequences in them , thank u (SIC) nelly. You're such a angel.”

Whilst a third simply said: “You’re a goddess. Thanks for inspiring us all.”

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