My neighbour puts a wheelie bin in the communal parking space outside MY house so no one can park there, I'm fuming | The Sun

AN ANGRY woman has told how her neighbour keeps putting a wheelie bin in the communal parking space outside her front door so no one can park there.

The anonymous woman vented to Mumsnet where she explained how her neighbour on a "very busy row of terrace houses with parking on both sides" is popping her wheelie bin in the road for that they can only assume is to save a parking space.

She continued: "The first time we parked behind it and left it as thought we wouldn't get involved and there was one other space (it's a busy road, I regularly park up to 0.3 miles away during peak hours) but today her bin was blocking the only remaining parking space on our bit of road."

It was directly outside my house so I got out and moved it."

I put the bin in front of her house. Her neighbour had just parked a little further up the road when we arrived so they had clearly not attempted to move it but parked up the road out of their way to avoid it."

"Not seen or heard from her yet and her bin is still where I left it."


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She went on to say how she's lived there a while and the woman has only just started doing it, but it's been twice in a couple of says.

The comments section was inundated with messages – with many agreeing the neighbour is being unreasonable.

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"She’s a cheeky f***er! And I’m also place marking because I love a good parking thread," wrote one.

A second commented: "I would move it every time I see it there."

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A third agreed: "Well done for just moving it and parking.
Don't pander."

You could at first claim ignorance if they mention it, oh yes that was me, someone had put it in the road so I moved it back for you."

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Meanwhile, another penned: "You totally did the right thing! Well done for not keeping quiet to avoid a confrontation!"

And a further added: "She leaves it, you move it, she leaves it, you move it, till she gets the message. You cannot save a spot. Keep us informed!"

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