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ELF on the Shelf has become an increasingly popular festive tradition in the UK.

Santa's mischievous little helper, which is sent from the North Pole to keep an eye on the children in the lead up to December 25, can often be found hanging from chandeliers or gripping onto the end of Christmas trees.

But one mum has revealed how her super creative Elf on the Shelf always takes it that step too far – and left graffiti all over her car and covered every inch of her kitchen with confetti.

In a clip posted to TikTok (@elves_unicorns_sparkle), she shared an image of her black car, which was given a very festive graffiti makeover on day 6 of December.

Not only does it have 'elves rule" written across the side in white, but also a red and gold balloon arch going from the bonnet to the exhaust.

"It's day 6 and the elves have decided to decorate the car," she says.



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"Yep. I can't drive the car on the school run tomorrow because I won't be able to see, so we're gonna have to walk.

"And it's frosty – thanks, elves.

"Yep, they've used spray and sprayed graffiti all over my car.

"They've added a balloon garland along the top, you know, just to make it truly noticeable.

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"Thanks, elves – the neighbours think I'm insane now!"

Claire captioned the post: "Day 6 – The car has been elfified! Thanks elves now the neighbours think I'm insane."

In a second clip, she noted how the naughty elves had returned the following day and left confetti all over her kitchen.

"Oh, no elves – what have you been up to today?" she asks.

"There's about 5 million pieces of paper all over my kitchen.

"Just what you need when you've got to go and get the breakfast ready for the school run.

"Yep, it's everywhere, it's hanging from the ceiling.

"They even brought cannons for the children to play with.

"I'm not too sure which will last the most – the clean up or the memories for the children….probably the clean up.

"Thanks, elves!"

The videos have since gone viral, racking up thousands of views and likes between them, with many commending Claire for her genius and creative ideas.

"Did it wash off the car OK? I was too frightened to try it," wrote one.

Claire replied: "Yes it washed straight off! I told the car wash lads some kids did it."

A second commented: "Absolutely not! Not even contemplating it!"

A third praised: "Love your dedication."

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "I don’t do this but your ideas are brilliant best I’ve seen actually – their reactions, they must of loved it."

Another enthused: this is brilliant xx

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A further added: "Awww brilliant idea."

And one more chimed in: "Aww that is brilliant!"

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