Prime Video viewers FURIOUS as streamer makes huge change to movies section – raging 'what's the point in paying?!' | The Sun

PRIME Video viewers have been left utterly FURIOUS as the streaming service made a huge change.

It seems the movies section of the streaming platform has undergone a complete overhaul.

As well as original content, Amazon Prime offers movies made from other studios that are available to buy or rent.

When viewers click on the movies section, most of what is on display are the movies available to rent or buy, and only the top line has suggestions that are free.

Amazon are also advertising movies – such as Martin Scorsese's Killers Of The Flower Moon – that are going on the platform, but will only be available at an extra cost.

Other movies are availble to view, but they are seemingly split as they are interlaced with adverts, much to the annoyance of fans online.



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As such film enthusiasts have taken to social media in droves as they have fumed at the change.

Some are even seemingly considering cancelling their subscriptions, as they questioned paying the fee that is already in place.

One film fan fumed:"@amazon @PrimeVideo I don’t know why you offer movies with ads. We purposely pay for streaming, so we don’t have to watch ads."

A second fumed: "@PrimeVideo why the hell you have moved all the movies to renting section? What’s the use of purchasing Prime subscription??"

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"WHY ARE WE EVEN PAYING U 999 EVERY YEAR AT THIS POINT," angrily posted a third user.

In response to the last movie fan, the streaming service hit back as they claimed they are not able to offer all the movies for free due to deals with the studios.

However they stated that a wider selection of films were available to purchase by paying subscribers.

"We understand your concern regarding rentals. As a consequence of how rights are granted by studios/licensors for a movie, we are unable to offer all movies on Prime Video as part of your Prime membership."

They added: "With rentals, you will get access to a wider selection, including movies that will not be available as part of your Prime membership.

"You also get access to certain movies before they become available as part of Prime membership. Appreciate your understanding."

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