People always misunderstand my name when I tell them, it’s so annoying – they presume I’m selling them something | The Sun

CHOOSING a name for a child is a huge decision for any parent to make.

While some parents go down the traditional route and name their child a common name, like Jack, Hannah, James or Ellie, other parents may choose to give their little one a more unique moniker. 

A woman has taken to TikTok to reveal that her name always causes confusion and people often misunderstand her when she tells them her name.

But that’s not because it’s unique name that is hard to pronounce – this woman is named after a car brand and explained that people always think she is trying to sell them a car when she sends an email.

Known on TikTok as ‘mbxhomes’, Mercedes is an Airbnb Property Manager and Coach, with 19 properties.

She lives in Los Angeles, California, and always has confused Airbnb customers that think she is trying to sell them a car. 

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Mercedes took to TikTok to reveal her name confusion and said: “When your name is Mercedes and your clients think they purchased something from the Mercedes Benz dealer.”

In the video, Mercedes shows off an email exchange between her and a client.

Mercedes was sending her client a receipt for confirming to stay in her Airbnb, but the recipient clearly did not read the email properly, and assumed, as her name was Mercedes, it was a receipt for a car.

She shared a printscreen of a response from a client that read:  “Please cancel this. I no longer have that car. I haven’t had that car since 2021”. 

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Mercedes pointed to the customer response while laughing and shaking her head.

Her  video has clearly given many the giggles, as it has quickly racked up 477.3k views and 6,673 likes. 

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TikTok users found it hilarious and many women with the same name took to the comments to reveal how it affects them too. 

Another woman named Mercedes said: “I feel the pain….” 

Someone else with the name Mercedes added: “I just get asked If my dad likes cars”. 

A third commented: “Omg change name to Audi to avoid this”.

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One stated: “I pray for your suffering!”.

Someone else added: “That is a beautiful name”. 

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