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PEOPLE have just discovered something baffling about if you’re born on the 31st December – and they can’t quite believe it. 

A social media user took to TikTok to share how he’d just had a major lightbulb moment when thinking about those who are born on the last day of the year.

TikTok user Fenthon, whose profile is @fenthon, said he’d only just realised that there’s one thing that makes their birthday so different from everyone else’s.

He uploaded a video to his 1000 followers on the social media platform – and soon it got everyone talking. 

In the short clip, Fenthon said: “If your birthday is December 31st, you’ll only be able to say ‘my birthday is this year’.

“And never ‘my birthday is next year.”

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He added: “Think about it.”

After he posted the now viral video, Fenthon was inundated with comments from fellow social media followers who were left scratching their heads.

One wrote: “No, you can still say that your birthday is next year.”

Another argued: “U can still say your birthday is next year because everyone has a birthday a year. What do you guys mean?”

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While a third said they were majorly confused, as they commented: “My head hurts trying to work this out.”

However, others were on hand to prove his theory was correct.

Someone commented: “For people saying he’s wrong, he’s correct.

“Because the 31st last day of December so by the time it hits 12 am it’s next year so there is never a chance.”

A second chipped in: “this is true… Jan 1st – Dec 30th your birthday is this year… Dec 31st it's your bday…”

While a third joined the conversation with their observation.

If your birthday is December 31st, you’ll only be able to say ‘my birthday is this year’. And never ‘my birthday is next year.

They added: “Wait guys he’s actually right because if your birthdays on the 31st when it ends it will be next year already so you can’t say it’s next year.”

And some people even said they knew about this only too well, as they had been born on New Year’s Eve and found themselves with the same dilemma.

One said: “I can relate! December 31 birthday here.”

Another added: “Me because my birthday just passed a week ago but now my birthday is again this year.”

Other people were also quick to say that a similar thing could be said if you’re born on January 1st.

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One lady said: “1st Jan Birthday, my birthday is always next year.” 

A second added: “Same with Jan 1st babies except they can only say my birthday is next year and not this year.”

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