Professional cleaner shares quick hacks to get your washing dry inside in super quick time

DRYING your clothes in winter is certainly a challenge, especially if you don't have a tumble dryer on hand.

But even if you do, it can get pretty expensive using it all season long – not to mention the damage it could do to your clothes.

Drying clothes without proper ventilation, though, is bad news for mould, and you don't want clothes sitting damp for days on end.

But, luckily, there are other ways to dry your clothes quickly – all without a tumble dryer in sight.

Laundryheap’s laundry expert Deyan Dimitrov, shares his tips.

Use the heat from an iron 

He says to mimic the heat from a dryer by utilising your hottest household items – enter, the iron.

Simply place your washed items on your ironing board with a towel laid overtop and run your iron over them.

The heat from the iron will help dry the clothes with the towel absorbing moisture and protecting the damp clothing from direct heat. 

Install a washing line gazebo in your garden 

We may not be blessed with warm weather all year round, but we sure are resourceful.

The experts say to use that gazebo you’ve had stocked in the garage since 2001 to create a washing line canopy,.

This will allow you to line dry your clothes no matter the weather outside.

Attach washed items to a fan 

Overhead or table top, it doesn’t matter, says Deyan, just make sure you properly affix your washed items to the fan with pegs or they’ll be all over the shop.

This is particularly useful for small items such as socks or tights – perhaps not so great for bulkier items.

Blast with a hair dryer 

If you’ve used your hair straighteners to iron your clothes (we’ve all been there), there’s no reason you can’t use your hair dryer to dry them.

This probably works best on smaller items like socks and underwear, so it’s a great option if you’re trying to lessen the drying load. 

Dry them in the oven

While it certainly sounds bonkers, just hear us out on this one.

Deyan says it’s probably the closest thing at home to a tumble dryer (bonus if you’ve got a fan oven), and has easily controlled temperature settings, so you’re not to worry about singeing your fave winter clothes.

Try setting the temperature to around 80 degrees and pop a few items in at a time to get the knack for what temperature and time works best.

But a word of warning from Deyan – just make sure your shelf or tray is clean first.

Spin them dry in a salad spinner 

Instead of using up energy with an extra spin cycle, mimic the action with a salad spinner to wring out moisture – yes, really.

Deyan says this will work best for your delicates. Simply pop them in and put your arms to work.

As it turns out, clean eating is only the second most effective fitness goal you can achieve with a salad spinner. 

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