Savvy shoppers are showing off their 10p B&M &Wilkos bargains on everything from make-up to homeware & cleaning items

SAVVY shoppers have been picking up B&M and Wilkos bargains for just 10p in whopping sales. 

The thrifty customers have managed to pick up everything from cleaning items to homeware supplies and have saved a fortune.

Among the items people have found are instant bbqs in the Co-op that have been reduced in the clearance section. 

Meanwhile, in B&M, one shopper found a "Colour me in" Trolls keyring set for just 10p.

And in another B&M store, a customer found their first ever 10p bargain in the form of a soft pet bed, which has been discounted from £8.

For cleaning products, shoppers said that £2 detergent boosters in Wilkos that have scanned in at just 10p at the till. 

Shoppers have also picked up 10p beauty wins, such as B&M’s Maybelline nail varnish.

And the store also had a chopping board down from £2, plus a duck egg blue metal lampshade.

A photo of the lampshade was posted on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Facebook group, with the caption: "Thought I would share my best bargain ever !!

"Marked at 8.99 cheaper than what I was looking at a similar one in Argos for £10.00!"

Many people were highly impressed with the 10p bargain finds and took to the comments to say they wanted to get the shops.

One wrote: “Excellent !! Nice find.”

Another added: “Wow amazing.”

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