Seth Rogen Looks Years Younger After Dramatic Hair and Beard Transformation

Pineapple Express and The Lion King star Seth Rogen is known for the look he has rocked for years, a thick beard and shaggy hair. But, like many of us across the last year and a half, he’s decided to go for a new look.

The actor debuted his new look – short grey hair and a light sprinkling of facial fuzz – in a selfie shared to his 9 million followers on Instagram.

“New hair, same smoldering look,” he wrote in the caption.

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If you’re not following Rogen’s Instagram, you may be surprised to know that it’s full of posts about pottery, a longtime hobby of the actor. Get him on The Great British Pottery Throw Down, Channel 4!

Last year, Rogen was asked which of his many successful comedy classics would he never want to do a sequel to, and he was pretty set on his choice.

“I think of all the movies we’ve ever made, Superbad is the one I’d 100 percent probably never touch,” he said.

“Honestly, I don’t think it requires improvement or anything to be built upon it. I’m unbelievably proud of it, it really holds up – people still watch it, high school kids come up to me telling me that they watched it for the first time and how they loved it.

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“It’s worked its way into being viewed as one of the better high school movies that’s out there.

“I’m so terrified of subtracting from it in any way with a bad sequel or spin-off that I’d never do it. I have so few actual good accomplishments that I’m horrified to f**k with the ones I have [laughs].”

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