Sister Wives’ Meri and Kody were 'guarded' and on 'different planes' by the end of once-healthy marriage, expert says | The Sun

WITH three of Kody Brown's wives leaving him in quick succession, it might seem like the Sister Wives splits were inevitable.

But some of the polygamist patriarch's unions were once happy, and body language expert Patti Wood has pointed out just how far his relationship with Meri had fallen by the end.

Kody and his first wife, Meri, married in 1990 — but in December 2022, she announced that they'd split after over three decades together.

By their 30th wedding anniversary, which aired on Sister Wives, it was clear they had no sexual relationship and were "not on the same plane at all," according to Patti Wood.

But that wasn't always the case. Analyzing images from the first season, Wood, author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, said they were still connected in 2010.

"They have what’s called a bridge hold," she told The U.S. Sun, examining how they interacted in the early episode.

"The bridge hold means their arms form a bridge between the two of them. They keep connected but they have their own sense of self.

"They’re in what I call the 'Valentine V.' If you look at it, you see their shoulders form the top of a heart. It's not body-to-body overlapping, but it's a bridge.

"They have this long relationship where they stay connected, they orient toward each other, their smiles are lifted, they’re happy with each other," she continued.

"They’re important to each other but they also have their own sense of self. They have a feeling of independence from each other but they want to stay connected.

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"In a normal relationship, it’s healthy, especially to determine a long-term relationship. 

"It’s balance. One is not leaning in and the other leaning away. When I see any heart body language, I think they at the core are good.

But in 2020, when the pair celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary with a picnic, that connection was broken.

"There’s not a lot to indicate that they have any sexual relationship at all," said Wood, analyzing how Meri and Kody sat side-by-side on a blanket.

"Her whole body except for her head is pointed away — her feet are pointed away from him, her legs are pointed away and they’re tight together, and she’s got something in her lap hiding her pelvis. That’s sexual protection.

"Her heart is not oriented toward him, and his shoulders are slightly inward. She’s not stretched out to him.

"She’s tilting her head and looking at him and smiling, but it doesn’t make any sense sexually. 

"The same thing for him," she went on. "He’s sitting with his legs crossed."

What's more, he isn't even level with her on the blanket, but in front of her.

"She could’ve eased up to be closer and side by side, but she’s back and he’s forward. They’re not on the same plane at all.

"His legs are crossed, his arms are almost touching, and his head orientation is down.

"They could have just met."

Wood said their body language as they reached the end of their marriage showed distance, lack of sexual connection, and a "desire to protect their own sexuality from each other or block it as if it doesn’t exist."

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Previously, Wood analyzed  Kody's body language with Christine, noting that he showed "possessiveness" and "ownership" of her back in season one.

She also said Janelle rebuffed Kody’s attempts at "alpha male" control for years.

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