‘Supersize’ fashionista who’s not afraid to flash her belly in bikinis & crop tops thinks she’s ‘too hot’ to diet | The Sun

A 'SUPERSIZE' fashion fan who's been advised by others to 'diet' has revealed she's already 'hot' enough.

Over the last few years, thousands of body positivity influencers of all shapes and sizes have encouraged others to not only accept but also love their figure.

Amongst them is plus-size fashion fanatic Victoria, from the USA, who regularly shares snaps proudly flaunting her curves.

In the influencer's eyes – who is also a strong advocate for the global Black Lives Matter movement – the diet culture was still ''alive'' and the fashion industry was in a desperate need of fixing.

According to Victoria, believed to be in her mid-20s, brands need to change the representation by hiring ''fat models with fat stomachs''.

Although the stunner has been relentlessly mocked as ''supersize'', she recently hit back saying she was ''hot'' – and in fact, didn't mind that her curves were bouncing up and down as she was walking.

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Luckily for Victoria, who's also been told to ''drop at least 150lbs (10 stone), it seems that none of the cruel comments bother her, as she continues to post photos of herself in bikinis and teeny dresses.

Reminding others to be kind to one another, Victoria also re-shared a post she had seen online.

''I don't promote obesity, I celebrate survival. The understanding that not everyone has the mental or physical ability, or resources, to follow a strict diet.

''We all take care of ourselves the best way we can, so f**k you for making people feel like s**t because they aren't deemed 'healthy' enough in your eyes,'' the message read.

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Although the style guru has won close to 50k fans on her Instagram page, Victoria has also been the centre of never-ending mocking, with people doubting if her physique and lifestyle were ''healthy''.

One meanie advised: ''You'll be more beautiful if you lose some weight trust me.''


Another hater added: ''Would be better if you owned a gym membership.''

''Ankle to knee ratio is exactly the same, walking around like a Roblox character,'' someone else chimed in.

''Half ton girl,'' an Instagram user had a go at guessing her weight.

Whilst Victoria hasn't directly hit back at any of the meanies body-shaming her, another recent re-post revealed how she felt about the issue and being in bigger body.

She insisted that even if she was to follow a diet or a strict workout regime. she'd still be larger than others.

''If we all at the same meals and had the same workouts, we would still all have different bodies,'' read her message.

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